Los Campesinos! Romance Is Boring 10th anniversary shows + re-release


I’ve pre-ordered All’s Well That Ends plus zine. Will hopefully be going to at least the Saturday but ideally both nights if I can afford 2 sets of tickets and sleep on a relative’s couch.

Going to aim for Friday tickets. Listened to RiB this morning after the best albums of the 21st century chat. It’s still very, very good.


They were great at the show last Autumn, and this is a great record. Sad to not be able to go to this.

Pre-ordered the album vinyl plus zine. Lovely stuff

I don’t think I could really pick a single favourite album of all time, but this always seems to be the one I default to if asked. I really can’t express how much I love it and how it came along at exactly the right time in my life; 18.years old, right on the back of a horrendous break-up, all my friends going off to university while I’m still at home realising I got no qualifications of prospects and all I can do is shit work for not enough money to live on, MH was really in the fucking toilet. Rinsed the shit out of this album then and in the intervening years.

Fucking london


Can’t wait for Gareth to repeatedly insult everyone in the audience who abandoned their home towns to move to London.


LC are possibly top of the list of my fav bands I’ve never seen live (my own fault but still), hope this changes soon

Ten years old? Jesus.

Friday tickets plz.

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I was at uni and doing occasional music pieces for the student newspaper, got hold of a Wichita mix or maybe the You Throw Parties, We Throw Knives single and wrote about them in a round-up of bands to watch, them saw them play to a half empty Barfly, and thought they were brilliant. They’ve aged just like I have, we even ended up having kids at similar times. They’re just a huge part of my musical life.

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Fuck it I’ll try to get to this, it’ll be a blast I’m sure. Which night are most dissers going to be at?

Dunno whether to go Friday or Saturday? Might just get best available? Both?



How big is the venue? Last year’s thing didn’t sell out until quite shortly beforehand I think. Hoping they don’t all go on Friday.

I’ve seen the there a few years ago and I think it sold out?

Ooooh if it’s gonna sell out then I think I’d feel like a big massive Tory buying tics for both nights and causing somebody to miss out on going at all…

Might get one for Sat and if there’s a spare going for Fri later down the line might get it


I was thinking I might do this too. And I’ve already ordered the EP and zine so I don’t think I could afford that and two lots of tickets in the same month (depending on how much they are tho). Bless them for giving the option to buy the rerelease stuff separately instead of bundling it all together and making me have to buy a second LP like most bands would’ve done :pray:

Feel a bit odd going to a valentine’s day show on my own, but looking forward to this a lot! Hope they play Too Many Flesh Suppers even though that was (wrongly) left off the initial tracklisting.

Looks on seetickets like there’s a ticket bundle for Friday and Saturday, so that makes me feel like a certain number are set aside for cats going to both nights and it’s therefore not Tory to buy for both nights