Mark Lanegan and his projects

So with his memoir now out and causing quite an uproar all over the internet (and UK tabloids) and his new album coming out on Friday which is imo his best since Blues Funeral, I thought to create this thread to discuss everything ML related.

Just received the book so quite excited to dig in.


What’s the best album to start with?

Blues Funeral, Whiskey for the Holy Ghost and Field Songs woud be my holy trinity.


Karl: Tickets for K-fest.

Ricky: Right go on.

Steve: What’s that?

Karl: It’s like a, a rock thing that’s going on tonight.

Ricky: Right.

Karl: If you’re into the, that Welsh band.

Ricky: Name some of the bands, err, name some of the bands.

Karl: Err, Nile?

Steve Laughs

Ricky: Go on.

Steve: Right.

Karl: That’s one of the bigger ones.

Ricky and Steve laugh

Karl: Erm, Mark Lanegan?

Steve: Who?

Ricky: Not Lanners?

Steve Laughs

Ricky: Is Lanners playing? He’s not really?

Karl Laughs

Karl: Yeah.

Ricky: Mark Lanegan really playing there?

Karl: I think so.

Ricky: God, who’s that?

Karl: What?

Ricky: Who’s that?

Steve Laughs

Steve: Who is Lanegan? Is he someone you went to school with?

Steve Laughs

Steve: Who is Mark Lanegan? Who else is on?

Ricky: Who is Mark Lanegan? Is he the promoter?

Steve Laughs

Ricky: Who is he? Is he head security

Steve: Is this at a pub in Camden?

Ricky Laughs

Ricky: You’ve got, got, Nile.

Steve: We’re giving away tickets to the K-fest.

Ricky: Hold on, let’s have a look, this is the NME, Mark, Mark Lanegan, Masters of Reality. Right ok, who else? We got Nile, got Mark Lanegan.


Bubblegum is a good starting point, generally considered his best album with a few PJ Harvey collaborations included.
Whiskey for the Holy ghost, Field songs, Blues Funeral and Gargoyle all pretty darn good too.


Big fan of Mark but I haven’t enjoyed anything he’s done since Phantom Radio. And I didn’t like that all that much tbh.

When he’s not threatening Liam Gallagher he seems quite happy and content these days though which is nice.

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Probably the last decent song he did (13 years ago);

His songs on the (otherwise great) Humanist album are the worst.


Actually I did enjoy the Downwelling album he did with Not Waving last year. Even if it did sound like he’d phoned most of it in.

Massive fan of the Gutter Twins and hoping for another record from them.


I’m not a Lanegan conoisseur/expert by any means but he seems as creatively engaged at the moment as he’s ever been. The Not Waving record is great!

Bad take :grinning: I understand that people don’t like his recent output but to ignore Gutter Twins and Blues Funeral is simply wrong.


The Not Waving stuff it sounds like he’s just freestyling Laneganisms in one take. Maybe that’s what was asked for, I dunno.

He definitely seems to be enjoying himself on his newer stuff. It doesn’t do a lot for me though sadly.

I met him when he played Falmouth in 2012 (weird year in which we actually got a few decent gigs). He was lovely. Did a signing session after the show.

Does this after every show now. Seemed dead on.

Even the last few albums have been good if a little uneven.
Good live show.
Puts the hurt on/10

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Mark Lanegan primer: Screaming Trees - Dust; Whiskey For The Holy Ghost (early period), Bubblegum; Gutter Twins - Saturnalia (mid period), Blues Funeral (later period).

Thoughts on the 3 LPs he did with Isobel Campbell?

  • Good
  • Meh
  • Shit

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Ugh, I just picked up my phone and accidentally hit ‘Shit’. My actual opinion is they’re nice but both artists have done better stuff. Inessential.

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Highly praised by the likes of Q back in the day but they never really grabbed me.

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Jay-Z and his laugh

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Scraps at Midnight is my favourite solo album of his. Surprised it hasn’t been mentioned yet. Really lovely Springsteen-esque Americana.