Mercury Music Prize 2022

Isn’t a patch on I’m All Ears, which itself wasn’t nominated, so I’ll be surprised if the new one is.

I would love to see Pompeii win. I think Cate Le Bon will at least receive a nomination, though. Reward was nominated back in 2019, so don’t see why her new one won’t receive one.


Don’t reckon BCNR will be nominated becusse their last one was.

Nala Sinephro, Simz, Aya or Caroline for me.

John Glacier? :thinking:


Came here to say this.
Criminally undervalued. Would love her to win.

My pick would be Space Afrika. It’s phenomenal. Then Aya or John Glacier.

Fairly sure one of those at most gets nominated, none win.

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A few more I’ve enjoyed in the qualifying time.

  • Tirzah
  • Chelsea Carmichael
  • Laura Cannell
  • Kojey Radical
  • Richard Dawson and Circle (if eligible?)
  • Alabaster DePlume
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Tirzah, John Glacier and Space Afrika would all be worthy winners in my eyes.

It will never happen but I’m going to use this opportunity to point out that the new Feeder album is genuinely great.

Shortlist to be revealed by Nemone on 6 Music this morning.

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Mercury Music Prize and Nemone. It’s the perfect recipe for musical excitement.

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Suppose Sam Fender will probably be on there?

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1st up…



No Black Country New Road :frowning:

Happy to see Self Esteem and Gwenno on the list!

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Selfie or Simzie for me thanks

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Little Simz and Nova Twins are from London right? One of them is going to win

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Simz is the best thing on that list by absolute miles, will be a travesty if she doesn’t win.


Lads just can’t believe checks notes Space Afrika didn’t make the shortlist

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Unless I’m missing something obvious, very strange that Black Country New Road aren’t there. Also I’d obviously have had black midi on there as I think that just came out in time, but I get that album might just be the most divisive of all time.

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Surely simz wins