Metalcore bangers


If we are going down the route of ETID and Botch, Norma Jean 's first is a stone cold classic


Absolutely. I’m still a big fan of Redeemer too


Agreed on the first Norma Jean record. :heart: Scogin


Theres a great moment on the Botch live dvd commentary where Brian Cook just goes ‘hey I love this Norma Jean song’


Haven’t watched that DVD in ages. Might have to rectify that tomorrow night!



Are Converge considered metalcore? If so





I saw these chaps a couple of weeks ago, cracking live.

Plus this lot:


These guys are fucking insane



This is such a fucking good song. I really loved watching the likes of CBK and Bane etc at first but after a while their preachy style just really started to grate on me and I never went back to any more gigs.


I saw them too. Nearly missed it though – it was one of those fucking early gigs at Koko


had tickets for their london show the other day and couldn’t go - so fucking gutted



Don’t really want to get into a genre debate, but there’s no way Fucked Up are a metalcore band!


I was going to add a little disclaimer - where the hell the line between hardcore and metalcore comes in. Hardcore I think Minor Threat and Gorilla Biscuits.


Don’t think there’s a real line – it’s all subjective I guess. When I think of metalcore, I think of Botch, ETID, Norma Jean, Underoath, Poison The Well etc.


do you reckon this was metalcore? like… Swedish Melodic Death Metalcore, yeah? it’s really bad, but I still kind of like it.


haha oh god. haven’t listened to these in so many years. one of those bands I got into because a college friend was an ardent fan