Ms Marvel Disney+ (today 8th June)


Can’t believe they’ve fucked it and it’ll be this and Obi-Wan running at the same time.

I guess 3 or 4 more hours?

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Dunno if this is of particular interest to @avocado? Not sure if you partake of the MCU much.

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Interested cause its written by an old friend from uni, lost track of all the marvel stuff in general as there is too much content :sweat_smile:


I enjoyed, my daughter enjoyed it.

So really nice visual bits of animation blended in.

Anyone know who the guys in the mid credits stinger were? I thought the guy looked familiar.

Think he was a cop/agent who interviewed spiderman and friends in far from home

I enjoyed it, good fun no idea what direction to plot will take


That was fun, they’ve definitely been watching theMitchells vs the machine for the cartoon stuff.


Really enjoyed that episode.
Great animated flourishes, camera work, music, characters and performances. Very fun.

Hope the plot doesn’t get too plotty, buuut it obviously will :upside_down_face:

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yeah that was fun, liked it a lot. her dad dressing up as the hulk so he could take her to avengerscon was very cute. would listen to scott’s podcast


Lots of fun. It was very close to the first issues of the comic. Even the things they swapped out, like having Avengercon instead of a standard teenage party, still played the same role in the overall structure. Does this mean Wolverine is going to show up in a few episodes time? Almost certainly not, but it did give the shoutouts to G Willow Wilson a little extra sweetness.

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Been thinking about how cool that text conversation was between Kamala and Bruno about half-way through. Just so well done


Yeah, lots of nice little touches.

I also loved that scene of her and the school guy where the camera moved in then the scene split each way so their faces were both together.


Yes! that was some lovely camera work.
Started to try to work out how they did it but then just… went with it


Yeah I just presume they filmed it twice, each time with just one of them at the desk and then composited it. Probably very easy with modern editing tools but definitely had me considering.

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thought it was brilliant, frankly. fantastically acted, poignant, funny, creative.


Yeah, I thought this was just instantly brilliant. The aesthetic is great (and as mentioned above, borrows/inspired by/draws from the same well as The Mitchells vs The Machines and to some extent Heartstopper) and the texting scene is really smart; I guess it’s a real problem for TV writers, given how much teen communication is done by text/on a phone these days - how do you represent that on screen? - and it solved that in a really neat way while making the whole thing totally naturalistic.

Also, if anyone here enjoyed it and hasn’t read the comics, the first volume written by G Willow Wilson (which the TV show is kinda-sorta based on) is fantastic.


Also, if you’ve read the comics, the presence of the Edison Electrics sign will make you smile, and hints at the possibility of an absolutely bat-shit bad guy appearing later.


Brilliant film that.

it’s getting review bombed on imdb because people are the worst and we can’t have nice things

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Eh, if that’s the worst these losers do they’re welcome to waste their time, they can carry on foaming at the mouth with rage when The Marvels rakes it in next year

Also it looks like more of a review shower to be honest, the IMDB score is 6.4 and stuff like Hawkeye/Falcon and the Winter Soldier/Moon Knight is in the low 7s, so not so bad.