🎷 Music League 16 🎷 Robbing the collection plate in the sonic cathedral -ROUND 12 The best of 2024 so far….🎷

Starts 30th April a few days after Music League 15 - The DiS time capsule ends



If you don’t know. Music league is a game where you pick tracks based on a theme.
A playlist of those tracks is published to Spotify (but someone normally converts it to Apple Music too).
You listen to the playlist and vote for your favorite tracks.
Watch your progress in the league each week.

We are still taking submissions for Music League 15 - The DiS time capsule…

can I join this, and will people still get pissy about a song having been chosen at some point in the past decade? Feel like that happened last time I entered, and it was really off-putting, tbh


It’s mostly friendly banter. If a song is submitted and was submitted a few months previously I would probably not vote for it but that’s just me. Others might. Sometimes people get fed up with the same artists appearing often. It’s all personal taste and nobody really knows what tracks will perform well until the votes are in. If it’s any consolation. I play because I really enjoy it but I’ve never landed in the top 10 at the end of any of the previous 14 leagues. Do I care? No. I just enjoy the playlists and new discoveries.


Gonna have to think about whether I can join this one. Have a 3–week vacation starting mid May and don’t know if I’ll actually have the time to pick song and listen.

Right. I’m back. I’m not gonna quit early. I may just not look at the thread too often so I don’t get annoyed at the pedantry. Yes. I will finish the league… maybe.


Glad you’re back in, always enjoy your picks


I’ve started to deliberately reward repeat picks to counter-balance that, if it helps at all.

It’s not too prevalent anymore though yeah, I think most people don’t really mind either way (and do completely agree with Brainfreeze that people can do or give out the points as they please)


Repeat picks definitely get points from me… but that’s mostly because I don’t care enough to check the playlist against the spreadsheet!

Just posting the spreadsheet

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I doff my indie hat to you

Getting Ready Episode 2 GIF by The Office

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Repeat picks don’t bother me unless it’s just very very recent.

They always bother me if the song sucks.


nvm ignore me, I’m just being churlish

ANOTHER reason for me to not like it is that it acts as a memorial to that time I picked ‘Everyday’ by The Field for the “Nine Letter Song Title” round, while thinking it was actually called Everday. Which has seven letters.


Feel like I’ve had a real breakthrough talking to my therapist about my deep-seated Music League anxiety


Any update on when the other rounds are announced?

Ideally I’d like my pick for this first round to be a song that I’m not able to shoehorn into any of the other rounds! :smiley:

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sorry mate, we’ve already had that one

Round 2 is up!

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