🎷 Music League 5 - Billy Corgan is the greatest! - Round 10 - A track that takes you on a journey

Deus into Kyuss was wonderful. I had kind of relegated Kyuss to the “bands I was into between 15-25 pile” but fucking hell that just hit right! Garcia’s vocals are just a perfect fit for the music, had me grooving at my desk.

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Was initially enjoying Between The Buried And Me, but then the journey from A to B happened and then it wasn’t for me!

glad i pre loaded a track yesterday cos i fell asleep last night listening to music trying to find the perfect song.

this playlist… is long. i think its gotta be our longest average song length. I think league 1 had longer playlists, or at least comparable, but we had like ten more participants. my patience will be tested. might f around and give my ten pts to the shortest ten tracks prob wont but lets see

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I think its less noticable as a lot of the songs have distinct parts so it doesn’t feel as long as the other long playlists

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correct, it just feels like a playlist with 75 shorter songs vs 40 long songs lol


monochrome into moanin’ is a great transition, monkeys at typewriters writing shakespeare style. dj algorithm. i was grinning ear to ear and have re-listened a couple of times to check, yup that is legit. if ben ufo or whoever did that, i reckon they’d be rightly getting love.

any of you listening on shuffle, do yourselves a favour and hit up that transition.

neither of those songs mine by the way- cite when i lied before if you don’t believe!

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Wasn’t expecting to see a mid air thief track :heart:

i scanned the playlist, saw grandaddy on there and then when the between the buried and me track came on, thought it was them, the piano, the voice and then on the hair metal ending thought jason lyttle’s sounding well :joy: then that segue into moanin’. that was a journey!

Kind of sad it’s not 8+ hours but very happy Kyuss finally made it.

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In the last 1 min of the Air - Don’t be light track does anybody else hear a robot with a geordie accent or is it just me?


Me, every time there was a new riff in that Elder track:


Somehow managed not to vote for my favourite track of last year. I even think I know who I need to apologise to.

Did vote for some utterly stunning music though - what a round.

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Agree that that was an absolutely cracking round!

thank fuck


This contributed significantly to my enjoyment of the track.

blimey, you’re not wrong

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Have got the playlist down to ten tracks I really like, but there are a few that I want to give double points. Hmm, decisions!

Sure I played Kyuss before. Tangy Zizzle.

Probably scored 3 points.

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Ahh yeah, it was preseason I think. Unless I missed it they’re not in the spreadsheet.

Oh no, two of the best songs on the playlist have already been picked, I hate it when that happens.