Music League 7 🎷 - The Cult of Music League! - Round 1 - Classic Rock

Not a fan of the first round at all if im hinest ive heard nore than enoigh classic rock to last a lifetime

Wrestling theme tunes or just songs about wrestling?

The whole room singing along, badly, to an anthemic chorus. Everyone’s having a blast!


What song would be your wrestling entrance theme

Give us more Residents

Thats not classic rock though thats Avant Garde and very anti classic rock :wink:

Do it anyway

Might as well

What era do you want?

Ooh! Good one! Yes, do that!!

One of their classics

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I’ve just gone for my favourite classic rock track which, given I’m not a fan of the genre, is suicide in my first game back, Jeff.

I would if i could!

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Got it

Actually probably going to abstain i have no ideas and dont want to listen to the playlist soooooooo ill usher my return in round 2

To clarify i dont think classic rock is bad its just have no desire listening to a playlist of classic rock ever again

But if you know the tracks anyway you can just listen to the ones you don’t, and have a vote/say in proceedings and maybe pick up a few points yourself. You know you want to! :grin:

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read this and have just changed my submission!

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If I had to suffer through the Christmas round and the 4AD round, you can suffer through this :grin:

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Just pick a track by rainbow and be done with it.

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Youre all right im probably just being a close minded fool. Sorry everyone!

Sometimes i speak my mind without processing it and that can sometimes make me seem like a colossal arse

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I’ve definitely listened to something recently and thought β€œman, if we ever did a musical instruments round this would be a great choice”. Cannot for the life if me remember what it is though.