Music League 7 🎷 - The Cult of Music League! - Round 1 - Classic Rock

Arses, missed the 4AD round. That would have been great.

I only had one immediate idea for this, and hadn’t quite grasped that the nominations were open, but thankfully it’s not been taken!


ooh thanks, I hadn’t realised that either. Currently gone for something that has definitely got classic rock vibes all over it but isn’t one of those tracks that is forever popping up on Now That’s What I Call Driving Music or whatever. Not sure if this is a good strategy, or if I should just play Bachman Turner Overdrive and be done with it.


This is fine!

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nah you’re fine! no harm with anyone skipping a round they weren’t keen on - i know i’d be out the virtual door the second a swing/big band round came up

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I’ve skipped rounds I didn’t fancy in the past, nothing wrong with it. I don’t have a nemesis that I’m heavily invested in beating like a drum though.

Must. Kill. @paulo13

Oh no

First time this has ever happened to me. Feel vaguely unclean (also not going to vote for it out if spite, even though it rules).

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I’m being well stupid here but what are indie-points :smiling_face_with_tear:

Ken Bruce played Bachman Turner Overdrive today in between the Popmaster rounds and I thought “must be a sign” but then I thought, “somebody else has definitely picked that, it’s practically number one on all driving albums”

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They’re like bitcoin for indie snobbery. Made of old Fugazi t-shirts.


Ha, thanks!

@daggers here u go

I feel like I should add here that I’m all for a bit of indie-snobbery. It’s what makes us human. I know I deliberately post my albums of the year on Facebook knowing full well that no-one will know any of them.

But I just wanted at least one round where we’re not all trying to outdo each other with obscurity.

Again, I appreciate that not everyone is playing the same game, and there are players who will get nothing of worth from this round, but hopefully it will be fun regardless.



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I’m very excited about this round and I’m glad it’s ruffled some feathers


I used to think about this a lot

It’s so good.

My first thought was that this round wasn’t for me but actually one of the bands that sprung to mind for this is giving me a lot of joy right now - just listening to some good old fashioned dad-friendly rock right now and got an absolute banger for it.

(4pts, etc…)


This is the bible for those trying to gain indie points. Interestingly Steinman is acceptable, so I’ll be hoping for plenty of the Loaf, and Tyler.

I’m taking a short music league sabbatical, but back for the next one. Will definitely be giving this playlist a spin though.