🎷 Music League - The Yeoman’s Revenge 🎷 ROUND 8 A story track 🎷

This one kicks off on Thursday. A track which tells a story.

As this is the Yeoman’s League. There will be more prizes at the end of this league…

1st Place: Name the League - Pick Three Rounds.
2nd Place: Pick Two Rounds
3rd Place: Pick one Round
4th Place: Pick one Round
5th Place: Pick one Round
6th Place: Pick one Round
35th Place: Pick one round (I’m celebrating averageness)
The Discobot Draw to pick the 11th Round (randomly selected)

Everyone is in with a chance of a prize!

Thank you everyone for introducing me to new stuff!


I like this


My new goal.


I’m currently joint 25th. Let’s see if I can do this

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I’m totally in with a shout for that one! Am 28th, five points ahead of current 35th placed @riverwise
Plus I reckon I’ve got a low scoring song this round, so that should help!

please please please PLEASE nobody else pick my song this round, ok?!

I’ve got to pick the most average songs I can for the remaining rounds!

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Guaranteed podiums


Might sit this one out, combination of lack of ideas and lack of time to listen over Easter weekend.

If everyone in places 1-14 could sit this one out, it would be appreciated.

the one round i’m really struggling to decide on

got a runaway fav for this, might overthink it 2 mins before the deadline but currently set

This is the first of my 2 round choices, I decided to go with it after hearing the track @ma0sm picked for the Australian round in the first league & because I’d got a song in mind which I didn’t get to use in the first league.


I’m excited about this round, as I love story songs, but I feel like they need to be listened to quite carefully and I’m slightly concerned about having the time to do that over Easter. When does the voting close on this round?

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Easter Monday

Once upon a time, there was a song
It was very popular, it was about a thong

– Sisqó


the level i’ve been looking forward to this round is not cool, thanks very much for choosing it.

after thwarting me for kelly lee owens, was it you who did the same for liquid swords, before dumping it? if so, youse a go getter

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Guilty as charged!, wish I’d stuck with it.

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wonder how well all the stories will line up together, maybe we’ll end up with a 4 hour narrative masterpiece by the end

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