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How come they’re not on the management list for Killing Moon anymore?


Deeply embarrassing to represent?


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Checks thread, having forgotten about it for the last eight months







forgot to post this at the time

they were deafeningly loud and there was some vicious strobing all the way through but ultimately it was just som and the other guitarists on an empty stage with the drummer playing an electric kit facing the side of the stage. very very weird


I saw them play as a 3 piece on the ‘Between the Lines’ night Koko gig last November. Sounded pretty solid I thought, and very loud!

I am sad to see so much slating of this band as Finelines is a very special album to me having picked it up in my teens just as I was beginning to get more into guitar music then by chance seeing them supporting Feeder (so MV were the first live band I ever saw!).


They should probably stop acting like pillocks then, eh


Hi Som.


I was at jonah and have no recollection of him doing Be Quiet and Drive, strange


oh that was at the Forest stage, ignore me


his forest set was way better than his proper one. apparently ive seen him before at a different festival, my mate tells me, but i have no memory of that whatsoever :man_shrugging:


how did you feel about the drummer using an electric kit and facing the side of the stage, genuine forum member adam underscore R? incidentally, feeder were the first band i ever saw supporting stereophonics :scream:


the proper one was really under attended, felt quite bad for him


i left halfway through coz i was bored :upside_down_face:


Ah, were you at Trees this year, @TKC?

Saw both of Jonah’s sets, cracking stuff. The full band one wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be, but we got near the front easy enough.


I was yeah! first time I’d been

only gripe was the stuff to do on a night was quite limited but enjoyed it


Stereophonics were the first ever band I had a ticket for but then an Idlewild gig cropped up the month before.


Stereophonics were also the first band I went to see in concert of my own free will; however, my parents had taken me to see Buena Vista Social Club a few months earlier, so now if anyone asks they’re the first band I saw live. Sounds much more sophisticated…


Ah cool! Second time for me, it’s a really lovely festival, really affordable too and discovered some great bands. Headliners have always been a bit poor though, but I’ve always found something else to watch around then.

There’s only really the Silent Disco, but they do some acoustic stuff as well later on. Saw Freeze The Atlantic do one on Saturday night and the Reuben sing-a-long was ace.