Nagging musical similarities

I’m a big fan of Planes Mistaken For Stars’ comeback album Prey and the catchy lead single “Fucking Tenderness” ( but since I realised that the intro riff sounds a bit like the title theme to Antiques Roadshow I can’t get it out of my head (

Anyone else hearing that?

What is love by George Harrison. There is a part in it where it goes down the musical scale. Reminds me of music from the first level of sonic the hedgehog

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Yoshimi pt2:

Strike It Lucky theme tune:


My sixth form boyfriend loved Plain White Ts and made me go and see them with him (supported by Boys Like Girls, it was probably the worst gig I’ve ever been to).

Anyway, they have a song where the chorus REALLY sounds like the Banana Splits theme tune:

It’s even in the same key FFS!

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Shit that’s a good one

I posted this before, but there’s a little bit of that horrid new Ed Sheeran song, which sounds like All that She Wants by Ace Of Base:

Bob Mould, 'Voices In My Head’

sounds like the theme from Cheers


Just noticed this one a few days ago after listening to Faust for the first time. The guitar section beginning at the 2 minute mark is eerily similar to Blur’s “This Is A Low”. Naughty Essex boys…

I feel like I have a huge mental catalog of these and I can only think of a few right now of course.

Boxcar Racer - “Catlike Thief” vs. Alkaline Trio - "You’ve Got So Far to Go"

Also having inexplicably just listened to Joy Division for the first time two weeks ago, it’s astounding to me how many bands have a variation of or flat out use the “Colony” riff. NOFX has the most obvious one with "The Quass"

I’ve always thought “Mogwai Fears Satan” was very similar to “Apothecaries’ Weight” by Kyuss.

Then there are the old well known ones of many Collective Soul singles ripping off either “Drown” or “Snail” by the Pumpkins, or “Toxicity” by System of a Down being similar to “Summer” by Mogwai, or that “Send the Pain Below” song by Chevelle being similar to “Be Quiet and Drive” by the Deftones.

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cant find the post now, but someone on this fucking site mentioned how daydreaming off the new radiohead sounds like memories from the musical cats, and now i cant listen to it anymore


Might just be me, but the beat to Kanye’s ‘Real Friends’ sounds like a William Basinski ‘Disintegration Loop’

Ugh I just thought of one I’d forgotten, that absolutely dreadful Maroon 5 song “Moves Like Jagger” lifts it’s awful hook from “Superman’s Dead” by Our Lady Peace.

Also, the verses of “Lock All the Doors” off of Noel Gallagher’s latest solo album have a vocal melody very similar to “Rock On” by David Essex, and even has the same “prettiest girl I’d ever seen” line.

Razorblade by The Strokes

…clearly nicks the chorus from Mandy by Barry Manilow

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sounds like:

even more obvious (bassline anyway):

There is a My Bloody Valentine song and a Snow Patrol song that sound similar. It is the one with “ooh oo-ooh, ooh oo-ooh oooh”, I tried to find which ones exactly but there are a lot of ooh ooh songs both have.





That’s not so much a similarity as a carbon copy.


at least at first

sounds like:

That would be me, sorry. Glad someone agrees though!

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