⛹ 🗑 🏀 NBA 2018/19 🏀 🗑

Thought we’d have a new thread for the upcoming season.

Demarcus Cousins has just signed for Golden State for the MLE. What a joke.

I feel like those emojis look more like you’re putting basketball in the bin, btw.

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probably a fair assessment of the league following the flurry of trades over the past 2 days.

didn’t know you were a baller.

Why even bother playing next season?

summer league has started btw



Fuck Kawhi tbh

this sounds… pretty good for the raptors?

:hearts: Dirk

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BT have lost the NBA rights FFS

although hopefully whoever picks it up with run it so that the last 5 mins of a game don’t get chopped off the end of a recording.

man, I need NBA back in my life :frowning:


Was in 2 minds whether to put this here or the Rolling Descent into Fascism thread tbh.

I thought the NBA was generally seen as a more humane league than yer NFLs, MLBs, etc? Is it just the league office itself that usually stops the owners from being horrible people?

In other news my Rockets are having a team bonding trip in the Bahamas. Good for them. Not sure why you need to when you have the beautiful, lush landscape of Houston on your doorstep but each to their own

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The players and league officials are good, but the owners for the most part are pure right-wing garbage.

Ginobili has retired :frowning:

One of the top 5 players I’ve ever seen in my lifetime, easily. Destruction of the spurs over the past 3 years has been tough to watch but I guess it was inevitable

sad about manu, a great player. agree about the spurs, maybe this frees Pop up for his run at the presidency.

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world leader.


Jimmy butler has requested a train then. Where do you reckon he lands?

LA or Philly would be my top picks but I could imagine someone like Phoenix taking a swing.

Thibs is a fucking shitshow

Gonna die on the Kuzma/2nd round pick for butler to la hill.

Next would be saric plus a player and a pick for philly.