New Big Thief

Agree that new album sounded really promising, much more guitar heavy and had a really strong second half. Interesting that they suggested after that the plan was always to do two albums with the songs they had, which also suggests that this will be the rocky twin of UFOF

Not was absolutely stunning!

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I’ve been banging on about them to my friends on FB to the sound of cricket infested tumbleweed for months now.

Shared this review last night and pulled out the “one of the truly most talented acts of our current times on the cusp of an explosion” line for emphasis and now suddenly every fucker wants a piece of my Big Thief playlist. Good job!


Thanks for sharing that, it means a lot to know I’m not just shouting into a vacuum all the time

Didn’t rate matey’s solo material for the support

I know this is slightly wanky but it’s kind of at my own expense so give me a break: I’ve had Two Hands sitting in my inbox for a week and I only just noticed :sweat_smile: will report back asap


11th October seems a long way away. I’ve been a convert to the band on the back of UFOF although I listened to it again recently and realised I enjoy the first half a lot more than the second.

Not is great, though. Massive Neil Young vibes in the solo and I love that kind of back-beat drumming and stuff, so I’d be made up if Two Hands is all in the same mould.



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One listen down (of I assume many today as I’m travelling to Dusseldorf) and just, yep. They’re the fucking best band in the game right now.


the new album could just be ‘Not’ plus nine tracks of Adrienne trying and failing to play ‘Happy Birthday’ on a cracked plastic kazoo and it would still be an album of the year contender cos it has ‘Not’ on it.


Was please to pick up a copy of Capacity on CD for £11 at Cambridge Fopp at the weekend. It’s not that reasonable at online retailers!

On my fourth listen now and If you can imagine it being possible, ‘Not’ is even better in the context of the album because it’s surrounded by two also excellent tracks ‘shoulders’ and ‘wolf’ complete a pretty incredible three track run.

Also, this is the first one without a person’s name as a track title… Unless she’s calling someone Wolf of course

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Killing me here

Shoulders has been a staple of their I’ve shows for a while now:

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Probably a big Gladiators fan


Favorite band/record of the year fo sho. Been rinsing their older albums in anticipation.

Though weirdly I haven’t given Adiannes solo album a spin yet…

You should! It’s very good!

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Ok, some more thoughts just to tease you as I’ve not really stopped listening for two weeks now:

It’s a fairly short album at a brief 35 minutes but if you add that with U.F.O.F (which I have tried) then you get about an hour 15’s worth of music. Still, it manages to do A LOT in that fairly svelt about of time.

It’s a much more straightforward album musically (though not necessarily lyrically) than U.F.O.F, as I mentioned after seeing it at Bush Hall, it’s probably closest to Masterpiece but really it is yet another totally distinct record which completely blows my mind that they’ve done it again.

The production is really good and completely at odd with U.F.O.F despite being the same producer and band. The large difference being Two Hands was recorded pretty much entirely live with only one or two overdubs, compared to U.F.O.F’s studio trickery, and it has a much warmer, grittier sound, you can feel the Texas sweat dripping off them.

Finally, I’ve seen people here say that Side A of U.F.O.F is better (which I don’t agree with because it’s all great BUT) Side B of this is one of the most thrilling passages of music they’ve done yet. I already mentioned ‘Shoulders’ (which by the way is now one of my fav BT songs) - ‘Not’ - ‘Wolf’ but honestly it comtinues to the rest of the album. ‘Replaced’ which comes next is so soulful it only takes its opening chord to make me shiver, while finale ‘Cut Your Hair’, which Lenker also played on the solo tour, is absolutely devastating, reminds me of ‘The Tourist’ by Radiohead slightly. This isn’t a slight on Side A which still has a lot of great stuff (bar one song that is ever so slightly weak for me - just to show I am capable of criticising them) so it yet again comes together as a whole cohesive album, it’s just the second half really elevates in an incredible way.

Amazing band, we are so lucky to have them.


Seems like this record’s got a lot of odds and sods they’ve been playing for years right? Makes sense they’d want to knock them out in a live setting, and also would naturally sound closest to Masterpiece in general.
All positive signs for me, that approach and tone is definitely what I’m after in Big Thief.


Yup, as I mentioned before ‘Shoulders’ has been around for ages. It is still very much a cohesive record and should be treated as such but there’s some old songs on there.

Yeah I remember you mentioning that, you’ll probably love this one (my flatmate had the same reaction)

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