New football grounds you've been to / Pervo has done the 92 😭💖🍾🏆✨️

Sincil Bank (Lincoln City) is bloody great. Recommend.

Didn’t have food or pint so no views on that but their fans are great, the ground is nice and the atmosphere is lively. Really enjoyed. Also their mascot is very endearing.


Their fans were good fun in the pub before the game last week actually. Seem like a good team too.

I went to watch Ashton Athletic this week at Brocstedes Park. It was a NWCFL match. Lovely little ground with a burger fan and a club house with a nice bar. No proper ale sadly

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Went to New Mills yesterday for the first time. Nice town for a little walk around. The ground has quite a slope and a strong wind which didn’t really help the standard of football. Some good Torrside beer on offer but annoyingly slow service. Would happily go again and give myself more time to do a good walk beforehand.

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#49 Brisbane Road

  • such narrow turnstiles i barely got through and had to really wriggle my way through, humiliating

  • awful signage. “Seats 1-98 this way, seats 109-198 this way.” I’m seat 99 you pricks where do I sit!!

  • this isn’t the stadium’s fault it’s the weather’s fault but I ended up in direct sunlight for 2 hours with no shade and I definitely got sunburnt

  • Orient fans had no atmosphere until they scored in second half. Barrow fans were madlads until they conceded.

  • chatted to a nice Orient fan who had supported them for 65 years and was au fait with the Angels

It was ok, although I wanted to be with the Barrow fans and Orient won. And also I was getting updates on a ridiculous Tonbridge loss at the time :frowning:

Ticked off the list and only cost me a fiver at least. It was ok but I just felt so uncomfortable from having to really wrestle my way past the turnstile and not knowing where I was meant to be sitting.

Also I really wanna go to a Barrow away game next season. Just generally wanna do more of the 92. if you fancy a Pervy day out to a random (not too expensive) ground lmk x

I was there today too!

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Currently booked:

  • Madejski (Reading v Swansea)
  • Old Trafford (women’s euros England v Austria)
  • Brentford (women’s euros Germany v Spain)
  • Amex (women’s euros Austria v Norway)

My date on Wednesday seemed mildly amused that I was planning to do the 92 when I’m only on 9/92 and about to turn 30. I’m going to dedicate the next year to doing as many grounds as possible around Tonbridge home matches while I still have a legit 26-30 railcard (will try to prioritise grounds that are outside the Network Railcard zone).

Can’t wait for fixtures to be released and to get cracking.

Good thread!

Most recent new one was Wembley Stadium, as it happens, for the England v Ivory Coast snorefest.

Before that, I think Wimborne Town’s new ground back in December.

No more booked in now this season - will tick a few off next season though.

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Really gutted that i didn’t go to rome to watch FC United at this place


Might go to Rimeny to watch them in june

Also popping my OT cherry at this :wave:

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Some additions in the last couple of months:

Garey Mooar, Union Mills vs Peel.
Incredible exposed and windy. One sided game with some very full blooded tackles but all incredibly friendly. Pretty good home-ish brew on tap and a delightful badge


The Bowl, Douglas, Isle of Man vs West Didsbury & Chorlton
Bad athletics stadium vibe ground, far out of town, a couple of vans serving food and no booze, with it being a 6:30 kickoff on a Saturday so they can stream it at £12 a pop… Still had a lot of fun but that had nothing to do with the ground.

Lancashire FA Ground, Leyland, Atherton Collieries vs West Didsbury & Chorlton
It was fine. Mostly it looks like a school.


You can do a cheeky day trip from Rimini to San Marino! Best microstate in Europe.


Still need to do a game at Lincoln. My pal is back in Boston now so maybe I can do a two-fer

Can we get the microstate rankings from you at some point pls

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Off the top of my head very definitely San Marino #1, Andorra #2, Liechtenstein bottom of the barrel but I can’t remember the full rankings. Will let you know when I dig them out!

Off to the Madejski for Reading v Swansea. I just love the vibe of fans congregating on their way to the game and celebrating a shared passion. Obviously they can be very obnoxious but I like that it brings all kinds of people together, whether it’s friends bonding or families spending time together. Listening to the chat in the bus queue as they assess their chances or rake through the permutations of their relegation battle, the raucous pre-match chants from the top floor of the bus, all being herded towards the ground/the bus to the ground. It’s great! Makes me feel alive.


Sounds like a very fun game today 95th minute equaliser :sweat_smile:

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Old Wembley
New Wembley
Maine Road
Old Trafford
Villa Park
Elland Road
Bramall Lane
Valley Parade

Too many non-league grounds to count.

Think I’ve been to about 50 ‘league’ grounds*

*Includes clubs who were in the league but have since been relegated or liquidated.

Really need to tick off a few more. Goodison and Burnley are my most local ones I need to go to. Etihad as well