New GBV: Space Gun

Listening now on Spotify. Seems to be getting good write-ups. Come on Bob! Do something good.

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First song is promising… if a bit ‘normal’ for them

got a third of the way through the album then gave up. Will try again another day.

it’s friday night, so kinda want some bangers

I got half way through the second song :disappointed: they’ve gone all normal… chucked on You’re Living All Over Me, as you said, need some Friday night bangbots

yeah, i’ll give it another shot when i need to do some work or something. They still hit it regularly enough so not massively disappointed if this doesn’t grab me. Next one might!

Yeah I’ll give it some time at work next week. Nowt bad as such maybe just not the right time to be giving it first airing. Indeed, if this one doesn’t do it there’ll more than likely be another one before years end and then a few next year going by recent proflicity (is that eve a word?)

wasn’t expecting much from this but on first listen it seemed potentially fairly solid. i often find it takes the second or third listen for the hooks to start to worm their way in so i’ll need to see how i feel after a couple more plays. the singles hadn’t impressed me but they stood out when listening to the album so that’s a good sign.

thought the last 2 albums had some very good songs but some very uninspired and aimless stuff too, as is often the case with later Pollard. this one seemed more promising on first try so hopefully it lives up to that with a couple more spins. though there’s every chance i’ll feel the same about it as the last one.

they’ve said it’s their only album this year so that might be why it feels a bit more focused.

Trying it again. Digging ‘Sport Component National’

second listen, it’s not sticking quite as much as i hoped, but still think it might be a bit more consistent than the last couple, though it doesn’t have any massive standouts like the last couple did.

expected a song called I Love Kangaroos to be the most throwaway shit on the album but it’s actually very very lovely.

these last few albums don’t have the same charm for me as the 2012-14 classic lineup reunion albums did but they’re still generally worth checking out. Diver Dan off the last album is a real favourite.

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was disappointed that That’s Good isn’t a Devo cover

Any of the songs finished?

I Love Kangaroos is really nice :slight_smile:

some idiot is writing about GBV wrong at ‘Magnet Magazine’

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(so is the 2012 stuff)

“It may be a minority opinion, but I’d still like to see GBV—at least on one outing, to see what would result—dump the lo-fi shtick,” U WOT M8

Seriously, he trollin’…

I’m working on my own ranking at the moment. Propeller is 5th for me :slight_smile:

A close 3rd for me.

Bears for Lunch is their best of this decade for me.

Propeller #2! Surely only bee 1000 is better?

Propeller vs Alien Lanes is a tough one. Probably depends on my mood

aye, that makes sense. I never really got into alien lanes as a whole album for some reason though (definitely has some of their best songs, that’s not too controversial!)