New Morrissey album


legit my favourite solo Moz tune


was just talking last night about how good this song is. Epic live as well, there was a gong involved I think


Yup, the gong live a definite moment!



This is odd.

Bit of free publicity perhaps? I.e. HMV have said they are stocking it.


Awful awful awful. I refuse to believe that anyone other than Morrissey himself really designs his album covers.


Listened to World Peace… this weekend. It’s actually a very strong Moz album.
Love this track -


Well, the new single is fairly marvellous!


Link for the lazy?



Ta muchly


Yeah this sounds decent


for a Morrissey track the music is quite interesting but it’s same old cringeworthy anti-establishment nonsense lyrics


Just seen this for the first time. Don’t even know where to start.

Morrissey and Marr on some old kids show featuring Sandie Shaw for no reason at all.


OMG the tracklisting


Two songs that mention Israel? This doesn’t end well, does it


jesus christ ‘spent the day in bed’ is beyond wank


Ah, the good news is that he’s an Islamophobe now, so he probably likes Israel.

(Him being an Islamophobe isn’t really good news, is it?)


You said it! Perhaps it is a just a p*ss poor attempt at a ‘joke’ - 'I’ll put out any old crap and I know they’ll buy it (‘cos I am so fantastic …)’. If so, ha, ha ha. Really,

I for one am steering well clear.


Haha I quite like it