New Music 19/05/2017

Couldn’t see this anywhere so apologies if I’ve duplicated it. Excited to check out the New (Sandy) Alex G record today (lo-fi bedroom pop with Elliot Smith influences) as I love his last one Beach Music.

Will also be checking out new Wavves and Mountain Goats

Yup, Alex G is pretty good on first listens here. No idea why he changed his name though, the parenthesis is just pointless.

Starting with new Jlin - Black Origami
Nominally file it under dancefloor as a genre I suppose but it’s drawing from all over the place.

So this week I’ve got:

Mountain Goats
Jane Weaver
Aldous Harding
Do Make Say Think
BMX Bandits

I’ll add that Alex G to the list, sounds like it’ll be right up my street.

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‘Jerrilynn Patton, known as Jlin, is an electronic musician from Gary, Indiana’.

I think its to avoid confusion with a pop singer also called Alex G (it hasn’t seemed to help though as spotify has mixed up their tour dates).

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Thank you, this should help people decide whether to check it out.

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If you’re into the Jlin kaleidoscopic percussion and electronics sorta thing, then you should listen to the new Chino Amobi.

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Paradiso? I’ll queue it up to start after I finish this Jlin record.

So many decent musicians from Gary, Indiana; all of the Jacksons, Jlin and Freddie Gibbs

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Jane Weaver for me

loved that last album

There’s a new Jane Weaver?!

This thread delivers!

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Underground Lovers – staring at you staring at me

Think it might have been released 2 weeks ago, but watchagunnado?

I’ve been giving this a listen and I’m not quite sure what I make of it. It’s something I’m finding more interesting than enjoyable, but I get the feeling/hope that after a few more tries it will click for me!

Jane Weaver - heading out at dinner to buy the vinyl and get it signed like a proper fanboy.

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I think Chino’s album is about 5 tracks too long. I find the first 75% pretty thrilling (I get what you mean about it potentially being more ‘interesting’ than outright enjoyable - bit like that James Ferraro album Wire apologetically had as their album of the year a while back)

Much prefer Black Origami to Dark Energy. Record’s an asbolute banger. I wish The Escape of the Blvck Rxbbit was on it mind, love The Birds sample but I guess this has a Resident Evil sample instead so swings and roundabouts.

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aldous harding :+1:

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So far I’ve got the new Tigers Jaw album on second listen. It’s more melodic than their punkier emo routes but really good.

I’ve also got the !!! album lined up for some point, as well as some already mentioned.

Selena Gomez sampling Tina Weymouth:

The Mountain Goats - pretty good on first listen.
Jane Weaver
Pokey LeFarge
Aldous Harding - glad to see another New Zealand artist getting noticed.
The Terminals - new album from 90s Flying Nun group