New releases - 02/11/2018

Bit late starting this today, eh? Lots of stuff I’m interested in today.

  • Moonface
  • Vince Staples
  • Bill Ryder-Jones
  • Marianne Faithful
  • Dan Mangan
  • audiobooks
  • Dead Can Dance
  • Sun Kill Moon

Wha’chu got? Anything else?

Drug Church


Just put on the audiobooks album now

They were one of my highlights during Great Escape festival, delightfully weird.

This Moonface album is loooooong! Love everything that Spencer Krug touches though.

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My bands album is out today! Well, we sneak released it a bit early but it’s out NOW.

Getting lots of nice feedback so far, feels a bit surreal.

FFO: ((early)Weezer, Martha, Jo-Fo, the nineties etc)



Moonface all day long!
About halfway through first listen & it’s fantastic :slight_smile:
Will check the new Marianne Faithful out later, the single was great.

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wow there’s a new Kozelek and I had no idea!

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Gabby’s World (was Eskimeaux, Ó) for me today. Also Ian William Craig and Bill Ryder-Jones

Touche Amore’s live album
Action Bronson - White Bronco

Will get the absurdly expensive Bob Dylan Bootleg Series box set as it’s Blood on the Tracks

Ian William Craig!

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p.s. There’s a new Bamnan album.


wow it’s called “This Is My Dinner”


Maybe he should just put out an announcement for weeks when he isn’t releasing an lp? :wink:


Actually think I released more music than him in 2018. My greatest achievement!


Moonface all the way for me.
Got about halfway in on my way to work. Odd, brilliant and odd. Will need time to sink in.

Will hit Drug Church too.

New moonface?!

Two new things on Disintegration State.

Jazzy electronics from Colin Mawson. Bloody love this - might be my favourite of his to date

And I have reinterpreted his Moons of Jupiter. Haunted chamber music and ambience.


Yeah the new audiobooks album is a lot of fun :smiley: Nice dose of cheesey pop laced around all the experimenting, very approachable but very strange.

Genuinely thought you were excited about some new audiobooks coming out