New releases - 11/11/2022

Macie Stewart - Mouth Full of Glass (2022)

Folky chamber pop from Chicago singer-songwriter and part of art-rock duo Ohmme. I think this is the 8 track album that she released last year with the two singles from this year added to it to make this 2022 version of the album. I only became aware of her when Marc Riley started playing the wonderful ‘Maya, Please’ single on 6 Music this year. This is really great, anyway.


Orchid Mantis - How Long Will It Take

7th full length from the Atlanta, Georgia musician who weaves found sounds, lo-fi electronica and tape collages into pop songs about forgetting


Venus Ex Machina - Doxa

Second album of ambient, industrial and experimental techno from composer and sound artist Nontokozo F. Sihwa, AKA Venus Ex Machina. Really enjoyed this from a first play through.

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You talked me into it :laughing:

18 songs in 40 mins?

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really liking AJ Suede and Akai Solo, both ticking my rap boxes in different ways

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would have missed this - thanks!

not sure how i 1. forgot loney dear was today and 2. missed Ane Brun


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Yosa Peit - Phyton (Expanded Edition)

Experimental downtempo electronica. Berlin producer with an expanded version of an earlier album, this one from 2020. This is one of those where the album cannot possibly live up to the artist comparisons in the press release and therefore may only leave you disappointed - check this out: “Laurie Anderson meets Bjork; Prince overlapped with Arthur Russell and the hum of Blue Velvet, with jarred and splintered ambient production reminiscent of Aphex Twin”

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Suitably intrigued though, so job done.

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Yep, feels like there must be a sweet spot of enough name-dropping to grab attention, but not so much that it falls way short of the expectations.

Norman throw in a few extra clickbait comparisons just for good measure.

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Surma - Alla
Ooh, this album is a lovely fairy-gltitchy delight, filling that Múm void seeing as they’re not releasing much of late. Really enjoyed my listen of this earlier. FFO: Múm, funnily enough.

Chancha Via Circuito - La Estrella
Argentinian ‘cumbia-inspired electronic music that takes cures from environmental sounds and South American folkoric traditions’. Really loved an ep of his from last year, and this album sounds great too.

Brueder Selke - Marienborn
German instrumental duo. lovely piano and cello tracks, quite pretty.

Black Sea Dahu - Orbit EP
She released a great album earlier this year, and so it’s nice to have a bonus EP as well. love her voice. Swiss indie folk / chamber pop / singer-songwriter.

Emily Zoe - Hello Future Me EP
Another Swiss female artist who is releasing a new EP after a great album earlier in the year. Nice warm fuzzy guitar singer-songwriter.

Juliete Venegas - Tu Historia
Catchy mexican alt-pop.


A complete Latin overhaul of RTJ 4. So far sounding a lot of fun…


This is about as enjoyable as last year’s Jeff Rosenstock ska remix. By which I mean “very”.

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I enjoyed imagining the baffled reception had they released this as the album while listening

Sarah Mary Chadwick - Flipped It

From New Zealand, but now based in Australia, lo-fi singer/songwriter with quiet observations on love, death and mental health.

On Kill Rock Stars


By now most of the big ones have been covered. Here’s what else I found in the barrel:

A Rocket in Dub - Ltd.

Some tidy minimal techno influenced dub from Düsseldorf.

Aloe Vera & Steel Tipped Dove - Days Pass Strange

Righteous, conscious hip-hop from a non-binary Ohio poet - a new artist for me but enjoying this so far.

Bill Frisell - Four

Jazz quartet of sax/clarinet, piano, drums and Frisell’s guitar on Blue Note.

Bill Nace - Through a Room

Experimental guitarist (and the half of Body/Head that isn’t Kim Gordon but I’m not sure which one is body and which is head) with a second solo album of interesting noises on Drag City.

Colin Stetson - Chimæra I


DJ Muggs x Jay Worthy - What They Hittin 4

Prolific Cypress Hill producer teams up with Vancouver-born, Compton-raised rapper for an album that does not seem to be the 4th of its name.

Lujo Asiatico - After Ashram

a session of sitar, sax, synthesizers, vocals under Bufo Alvarius influence and a Harmonium from 1907. The album draws on Eno’s seventies ambient period and saxophonist Pharaoh Sanders’s free jazz. The music is combined with sounds from the Atlantic sea, intermingled with rivers from Córdoba province.

Surely not going to live up to that but I’m hardly not going to check it out with that description, am I?

Nils Landgren - 3 Generations

2 hour jazz collaboration of covers and standards across 3 generations of the roster at the ACT label all playing with the man with the red trombone.

Smut - How The Light Felt

This isn’t really a me album but it seems pretty decent - 90s influenced jangly indie dream-pop.

Steffi - The Red Hunter

a collection of contemporary club tracks that are experimental and challenging, sure, but also straight-up bangers, made for the best sound systems and the best dance floors in the world.

Wizkid - More Love, Less Ego

Personally I’m still on the fence about afrobeats as a genre (it’s no afrobeat) but going to give this a spin as I’m intrigued by the 5 star NME review indicating that he’s bringing a bit of Ampiano in this time.

Xhosa Cole - Ibeji

Saxophone and percussion album where Cole, BBC young jazz musician of the year 2018, collaborates with seven drummers of African descent.


The Steffi album is great!
FFO Skee Mask, Stenny etc