New Releases 13/04/2018

Anything lined up today? If possible provide a little description for more obscure stuff

For me I’ve had a listen to Rival Consoles this morning. Electronica on Erased Tapes, a la Kiasmos. Enjoyed it a bit, but need to have a sit down and listen properly, not just in the car.

Also got…

Laura Veirs
Josh T Pearson
Jeffrey Lewis
The National Jazz Trio of Scotland (no idea what this’ll be like, but it’s intrigued me)

Lined up for this afternoon

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Not sure how much love he gets on here but grime MC/producer Novelist has released his debut album, Novelist Guy, after a long delay between projects and lots of accusations of falling off. He was one of the most talented and prominent new generation MCs a few years ago but moved away from his original sound and crew. Will definitely listen to that today.
Also didn’t realise there was new Jeffrey Lewis - thanks!


Strange album title.

Always like a bit of Laura Veirs so will check it out.


Very much looking forward to Rival Consoles but I really, really loved Night Melody so I’m thinking it’ll be a bit of a let down at first and then it’ll grow on me.


This thread doing the business already. There was nothing on my radar today, but that Rival Consoles one sounds right up my street and I too didn’t realise there was a new Jeffrey Lewis, so I’ll be on that as well. Nice one!

Shut up unlucky

@Shoebox1976uk that’s why these threads are great


Used to be such a big Jeff Lewis fan, I haven’t heard anything of his since Em Are I, will have to check this out… ahh cool, it’s covers of the Fugs?


New Slug out today, HiggledyPiggledy. Really liked the debut, wasn’t totally sold on the singles from this but have a suspicion it might be a grower. For fans of jerky, anxious rock

Starting with some Rival Consoles beats - sounding pretty good so far, although I’ll generally take the warmth of the Daniel Avery album over the crystal clarity of the first few tracks here.

Then I’ll be shifting my attentions to the new µ-Ziq (IDM veteran) - hadn’t realised how prolific he had been since the excellent Chewed Corners so I might dig into his recent releases as well.


New Princess Nokia, A Girl Cried Red

First I will be listening to the new SCB (Scuba’s pure techno moniker) album Caibu. Gonna get real deep.

Laura Veirs for me.
Add the Manics latest one to that, too.

Give me a break I’m trying to avoid getting up and going to the office.

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I take this back having just listened to Be Kind - lovely stuff

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New Autechre - NTS Sessions 02

Im not going to try and describe them :stuck_out_tongue:

Listen here (2 hour loop)

buy here


New Mouse on Mars album with thousands of collaborators sounds interesting

Looking forward to checking out the Rival Consoles album. Night Melody was brilliant.

Criminally underrated scuzzy rock dudes Henry Blacker have a new one out today (though it doesn’t appear to be up on Spotify atm) which I’m excited about.

Wrekmeister Harmonies have a new one as well - my review of it seems to be the only negative one out there so it might be worth a go for people who aren’t me. I wish I liked it more.

I’m sure there was some other stuff out today I was interested in but I’m drawing a blank.

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Main thing is Rival Consoles. Didn’t realise there was a new mu-ziq and Jeffrey Lewis, so will be checking those out.

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Same. Used to listen to the first few albums obsessively then just kind of dropped off him for no reason after Em Are I.

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Phwoar YES! having this. 92 Deluxe was very XL so will have to check this out.