New Releases 17/08/18

Thought I’d get in early with the new releases thread this week. Anything out tomorrow catching people’s eye?

Going to be the Our Girl and Mitski records for me. Cant wait to hear the full Mitski record.

Mitski and Still Corners

Mitski is the big one for me too. New Death Cab as well, I’ve no reason to think I won’t like it, always find something I like in their releases


Mitski, can’t wait

…oh and Trevor Powers (formerly youth lagoon)

Just listening to Puberty 2 on the train home from work and I’m now really excited for the new Mitski again

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Is it just me or is the verse of the Death Cab single “Gold Rush” heavily inspired by the outro to:

Alright @shucks

mothafuckin OH SEES


Yep. Mitski and Our Girl for me. Seeing Our Girl at Rough Trade East on Monday and Mitski next month.

I’ve been listening for a week or so and still need more time to process it, but some of the Trevor Powers (formerly Youth Lagoon) album is amazing.

If anyone can recommend more music like that electro-shoegaze sounding thing going on at 1:27, I’d love to hear it.

I’m not quite sure how to describe the album. At times it’s kind of a strange hybrid maybe of Amnesiac, The Future Embrace, Ugly Casanova, and quiet bits of Mars Volta, but at the same time is completely different from all of them. It’s very sparse.

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This is the one!

Just noticed there is a new Great Lake Swimmers album too, I will listen to this

Gotta say I have thoroughly the 3 new releases I’ve listened to today - all A’s

Thee Oh Sees

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Nice one, thought that was next week so will get it queued up to

What everyone else has said and also Papa M and Animal Collective.

Just heard the new Mitski for the first time. Good, but not as instant as Puberty 2. Didn’t seem like there was a big number like American Girl or Losing Dogs. A short album too. Hopefully, it’ll click more with repeated listens.

I’ll put on Our Girl now for the second part of my journey to work.

New EP on Disintegration State by Adventsong - crystalline IDM structures packed full of emotion.


Our Girl is excellent.

Saw them earlier this year at St Pancras Old Church. Great live. Some of the songs on the album are on their EPs but the album works very well. Nothing new or avant garde but done very well.

Would have expected much more hype for a new AC album, what’s up?

That’s the singer from The Big Moon’s other band right? I’ve liked what I’ve heard so far.

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