New releases 20th Aug 21

Morning folks

What have we got today.

Not starting looking yet but looking forward to


And villagers…got the vinyl arriving today so may wait.


Mainly Tropical Fuck Storm;


Absolutely loving this from Leslie Winter - reissue on Light in the Attic

Never heard of her, remarkably given her story, before this Quietus piece a few weeks back.

But it’s really great. Sort of trip-hoppy but not quite. Currently spending too much time thinking if I can put a ‘reissue’ in my AOTY list.


On first listen the Lorde album is good. A change from Melodrama. Very laid back-will need a few listens to really get into it.

Also have the Villagers LP arriving so looking forward to that.

Joy Formidable (???)


Wolves In The Throne Room

Tomotsugu Nakamura


Ohh Jeff rosenstock 2020 dump

And just seen a new Angus and Julia stone album who I usually love so fingers crossed.

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IIRC the Angus and Julia Stone is an OST for the new Life is Strange game similar to what Daughter did a few years ago. Adding to my list now.

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Cleo Sol - Mother
Sault’s Sol’s soul solo


Ichiko Aoba live version of last year’s lovely, gentle, folky album

Cleo Sol London RnB singer. She’s been promising in the past but hasn’t quite done it for me 100% yet. Hoping this is a good one


Le Soloi

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Can’t spell her name, mind. Autocorrect…

Maarja Nuut - Hinged
Estonian composer of avant-garde ambient/minimalist/folky/alt-poppy/hard-to-pigeon-hole stuff. Has been referred to as the ‘Baltic Bjork’, cos of her use of voice-as-instrument.


Ooooh. Let me know if this is decent. I’ve hesitated as I’ve got such a backlog to get through but it sounds right up my street.

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I shall. Just started listening - early signs are good!

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Aaliyah - One In A Million

Not a ‘new’ new release exactly, but Aaliyah’s albums are finally being released on streaming services (and due to be reissued as physical releases), starting today with 1996’s One In A Million


There a new Rupture // Rapture track.

I’m not sure now I feel about instrumental post metal any more but this should be worth a listen.

And some warm house music.

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Leslie Winer is fantastic, and strangely hard to find music-wise. She keeps deleting her own music from the internet, so I hope this comp sticks around for longer than the others have. ‘Witch’ is an awesome album.

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Honestly, totally blown away by it.

Alora Crucible

Ambient / Goth / New Age

Gonna be a contender for album of the year for me, no doubt.


Wanda Jackson - Encore
32nd and final (?) album from the First Lady of Rockabilly. Joan Jett on production.

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