New releases 21/09/18

Will Oldham, Gazelle Twin and The Field for moi.

Prince piano album will suit my morning commute too.

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Prince, Mountain Man, The Field, Joyce Manor, Christine and the Queen’s… I’m sure there’s another few I’m forgetting as well. Top day.

The Field is the biggie. Then Brockhampton and Beak.


Beak and the new James Holden EP for starters. Will also check out the Field too as others have mentioned.

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Didn’t know there was new Will Oldham today?

Ah I think it might just be added to Spotify today as it showed up on but looks like it came out last year, my mistake.

I still haven’t heard that one from last year, so it’s still a nice reminder :+1:

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Prince, Sumac and Therapy? for me today.

All about the Portishead connections for me today with the new albums from BEAK> and Get The Blessing. Also interested in the new recording by the Danish String Quartet and the Three Live Takes from James Holden and Maalem Houssam Guinea, thenp whatever this thread tells me I should listen to.

Gazelle Twin and Liars all the way, baby.

There’s a new Max Cooper for some great electronica.

Holy hell Hear Your Voice on the The Field album is gorgeous. Feed that 6/4 into my veins.

Sleep Party People and Villagers for me!

Shite week after three or four good uns

The new Gazelle Twin is incredible, looking forward to digging deeper into that.

New milo record promises to be good for fans of clever clogs hip hop. The Field and Beak> should be typically good stuff too.

Never quite got on with Sumac but I keep hoping they’ll click as it seems like something I would like so maybe this album is The One.

Another busy week!

Prince, Beak, Brockhampton and the Bobbie Gentry box set for an old twat like me.

Just gave Beak a spin on my way to work, great on first listen and plenty of room to expand.
Will try The Field and Liars (which I didn’t even know was a thing) later.

The Liars one is an odd style of bonus edition, by putting tracks put before TFCF.

Ah ok. For some reason I never really got too involved with TFCF, so I guess now is my chance.

yeah i got about 20 tracks into this on my walk to work, not knowing what it was. Then one track stood out and it turned out to be from TFCF, so i guess i didn’t get into it much. I think it was out around late August last year and there were so many big releases in the following month or so.

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