New releases 21 Feb 2020

Great day for releases

Ones to look at for me -
Moses Sumney
Best Coast
King Krule
Lee Ranaldo
Greg Dulli

But mainly I felt the need to start this thread for Six Organs of Admittance

Been listening all day so far and it is wonderful! Best thing so far this year for me


Greg Dulli for me. He’s released at least 13 albums (still haven’t heard Big Top Halloween) in a row now ranging from great to all-time classic, and I’m guessing tomorrow he’ll be adding to that list.


All about Medusa - In Bed with Medusa for me this week, out Saturday.

Lyrics -

Lanterns on the Lake- Spook The Herd
Lee Ronaldo- Names of North End Women
Pat Metheny- From This Place
Wrekmesiter Harmonies- We Love To Look At The Carnage

Various ambient releases per usual.

Good week!


Califone are finally back after seven years with another gorgeous record of folk music. So good to have them back.


I’ve not checked out any of the new Grimes tracks yet, and found Art Angels a very 50/50 great/shit album so the new one’s high on the list for me today.

Ooh wow, will check that out - not listened to them in ages!

Dunno if I’m in a bad mood or what but the new Grimes is really annoying

Other releases:

Agnes Obel. I imagine will be lovely and piano-y and cello-y. Disappointed I was too slow in getting a ticket for her at rough trade this evening.

Monokimono - just an ep. From one of the Benelux type countries I think, singing in one of the Benelux type languages. I really loved one of his Jen’s Lekman style precious singles, so hopefully this will be nice.

CocoRosie have a new album out next month, and looks like they’ve just released a five track ep today also. Love their quirky sound.

Shelf Nunny - genre = ‘downtempo’ says Google. Really nice instrumental sounds. Maybe like a slowed down version of Múm

Alexander Carson - I knew him from his precious band (Wooden Arms, I think). Seems to be instrumental piano stuffs.

Wilsen I think I had an album of theirs from a few years ago. Apparently it’s produced by the chap that produced all of the Big Thief albums and maybe you’d like it if you like the Big Thief albums and Big Thief band? I haven’t been totally convinced by Big Thief yet, so this song I’m listening to now just seems nice enough at the moment.

Amanda Palmer has a mini album or ep released as some charity record I think. It has her Dresden Dolls compatriot playing on it alsoz so maybe it’s almost a Dresden Dolls album.

Ok, looks like a busy week for me! At least it’s not the last week of the month, and I’ve got a bit of listening time for making my list.


Grimes album went straight into a new MGMT single and its lovely

Humanist album is out. Solo project of the old Exit Calm guitarist and features mark lanegan, bloke from depeche mode, mark gardener and others;


Mainly Pictish Trail for me today I think.


I really like the Wilsen record. Nice bit of shoegazey folk with a little of the dream pop of their debut. FFO daughter/desperate journalist

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Gonna be trying the new Kråkesølv album first. Norwegian emo indie I guess, started out like early Death Cab/Jeniforever but have gotten gradually more poppy.

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Hoping I enjoy the new Allie X album as much as the last. (slightly twisted pop)

Vasa, Lanterns On The Lake and Grimes for me today

Lots for me today inc:

  • Rebecca Foon - Waxing Moon. Cellist who released previously as Esmerine and Saltland
  • Electric Indigo - Ferrum. Editions Mego experimental stuff. Mainly electronic I think, not cropping up on Tidal though. The one track on Bandcamp is my sort of thing.
  • Peter Zinovieff & Lucy Railton - RFG Inventions for Cello and Computer. Bit of a boomkat special this. Don’t know anything about it but I really like Lucy Railton’s previous stuff so have taken a punt on this.
  • Racine - Quelque Chose Tombe. Montreal based experimental composer. Really liked an album from a couple of years ago called Cavite so looking forward to this.

Already gave Pictish Trail a couple of listens yesterday and really enjoyed it. Previous stuff I’ve heard i haven’t liked but reviews made it sound interesting and it was a really nice surprise - Beta Band/ELO elements/Grandaddy(ish) and comes together nicely. Sort of album I tend to enjoy but not really return to tbh but good nonetheless.

Pretty sure there is other stuff on my radar too but coffee required first.


Shit me there’s a lot out today.

Califone (YAY!), King Krule, CocoRosie, Wrekmeister Harmonies, Grimes, Douglas Dare, Agnes Obel and Greg Dulli for me.

Ah Dougy Dare’s is out? Sweet

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Forgot it was Rebecca Foon day, thanks for the reminder!