New Releases 24 December 2021

Fully expecting a quiet thread this week and rightly so, but for completeness’ sake, anything doing this week?

I’ve very much enjoyed the Deerhoof one and a couple of other things that have appeared over the last few days:

Deerhoof - Devil Kids
Quirky indie rock. Their fun December live stream show released as an album.

Wisbands - Twilight EP
Pittsburgh indie

Curve - Manchester Union 1991 bootleg series volume 12
Shoegaze. Latest in Curve’s releases from the archives of old live shows, demos and ephemera.

Various Artists - Happy Hollerdays 2021
52 track benefit album for the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund featuring songs and artists of Appalachia including Bonnie Prince Billy and My Morning Jacket.


The Alchemist - Cycles

An original score to something I haven’t got the time to find out what it is other than it seems to be premiering soon.


Shy, Low released a name your price live album yesterday.

FFO instrumental post-metal


New Crosses :latin_cross: :latin_cross: :latin_cross: tune. 80s synth goth with Chino from Deftones on vox. Surprisingly jaunty


It’s only been an entire year since they got our hopes up with a cover

…and they’ve gone and done it again

Is it a cover? Did not realise!

Single festive track, Get Thee Behind Me Santa, released by Pye Corner Audio yesterday;

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I did not realise. Thank you!
As an aside, do you think I can convince the family to watch Silence of the Lambs as a Christmas film?

Mara Carlyle’s got a live record out. It’s bound to be lovely.


Ooh, nice one! That’s my favourite new release this week!

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Nas - Magic

Surprise new one from Nas. Wasn’t that keen on his previous 2, but this is pretty good. Some great beats on it too.

Rupture // Rapture has a live and unreleased album out.
Melodic techno

Autumn Creatures
Post metal remixes. The Holy Faun mix is really good.

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Apparently it’s by Q Lazzarus, never heard of them nor it before, though.

Enjoying how he’s realised how excellent is for making album covers, haha

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The original was on Music League 5 at some point. Great tune.

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I Like Trains - Live At The Brudenell
Live album from earlier this month I think.

Gezan - B-Side Rebellion (Outtakes)
I think someone on here recommended their album a year or two ago, and I assume this is b-sides from that release. Maybe it’s only because I rewatched the film today, but they’re what I would imagine Gremlins would sound like if they made a Japanese noise rock band.


Various Artists - Popify Wrapped (Alcopop! Records Class of 21)

Indie and pop label compilation featuring Bo Ningen, Pulled Apart By Horses, Cheekface and more

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enjoyed the Barbican Estate EP from the other year a lot, and they’ve just released their debut album (on the 23rd actually, but I’m putting it in this thread because I’m a wild eyed anarchist who laughs in the face of the rules)

Barbican Estate formed in Tokyo in 2019 and consists of Kazuki Toneri(Gt, Sitar), Miri (Ba, Vo), and Koh Hamada (Dr, Percussion). They’ve consistently played shows in the Tokyo underground scene along with releasing an EP and 3 singles in 2020. They will release their 1st album Way Down East in winter 2021. Barbican Estate uses drones, psychedelic soundscapes, driving rhythms, and vivid lyricism to create their massive sound. The bands influences include Japanese psychedelic/noise rock (Les Rallizes Denudes, Kikagakumoyo), US experimental bands (Sonic Youth, SWANS), classic film (D.W Griffith), as well as literary and architectural movements (Beats, Brutalism).

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Happy Holidays release thread! A friend’s band from up in Cleveland, Ohio has released a new single.