New releases 28/5/21

Lots for me today, in no real order:

Humble Bee - A Miscellany For The Quiet Hours
Very quiet and delicate bleeps and sounds. They had a mini album a couple of years ago that I really liked.

Prudence - Beginnings
The singer from The Dø (who possibly don’t exist anymore, which is a shame). I love her voice, although will have to see what I make of her solo project, and hope it’s not too poppy.

Raoul Vignal - Years In Marble
Lovely warm voice. A chao from France, but with a Spanish guitar kind of sound. Should hopefully be very beautiful.

Mustafa - When Smoke Rises
I can’t remember who posted about him in Music League (edit: aha, it was @midnightpunk), but I know they were really looking forward to this album also. I think he used to be a rapper or spoken poet, but he has some moments sounding like Sufjan. Hopefully the album is good!

Penelope Trappes - Penelope Three
Ethereally kind of sounds and singing. Music to close your eyes to.

Issy Wood - If It’s Any Consolation
FFO St Vincent maybe? She’s released a number of EPs over the past couple of years, and sounds very interesting and catchy.

Bachelor - Doomin’ Sun
A collaboration of two folk called Jay Som and Palehound. Big Thief kinda sound?

Sin Fang - Slim Fang (2015-2020)
Icelandic chap, works with Múm and other Icelandic folk. I think these are some unreleased songs from the last few years.


Black Midi sounds very good.


Will be checking out Mustafa, also a mixed bag of Lou Hayter, Portico Quartet, and DMX (RIP)


Not a new release but my ‘Bangers and Mash’ EP from last month is now on streaming services. Throwback IDM / jungle in the vein of Aphex / mu-ziq / Squarepusher


Volume 1 had some of the most beautiful Mexican old-school pop and mariachi. Not heard a note of this one yet.

Album of the Year says that there should be a new Les Filles de Illighadad live album out today but Apple music is saying it’s not out until July. Anyone know which is right?


Will be spinning this later, thought it was under Bent Arcana but Spotify has it listed as John Dwyer. Really liked Witch Egg and last years Bent Arcana album. Jazz tinged psych I guess?


French Synthwave Maestro Perturbator pivots into late 80s/early 90s goth territory :sunglasses:

Like what I’ve heard on first listen


Natalia Lafourcade - Un Canto por Mexico, Vol II is my big one today, the first was excellent so high hopes here. Penelope Trappes, John Dwyer, Portico Quarter and Mustafa too - glad to see so much crossover with the early crew!

µ-Ziq - Scurlage

First new release in 8 years from one of the big names in IDM, Mike Paradinas.

Loscil - Clara

Gentle abstract electronica.

Masayoshi Fujita - Bird Ambience

Percussive vibraphone compositions.

Spectacular Diagnostics - Natural Mechanics

Short album of spacey hip-hop beats, occasional rapping guests. Love the sleeve.


Big day for fans of records celebrating Brazil.

Florian Pellissier Quintet - Rio

Cool French jazz.

Hus KingPin - Bolio EP

Really enjoying how prolific this guy is, consistent quality production and rapping too.

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Yom - Celebration

A contemplative spiritual suite steeped in jazz, classical, and oriental music.
You can hear echoes of Turkish clarinet modes, Japanese film soundtracks piano music and much more influences, all made one under Yom’s unique musical vision. Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri

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Wyldest - Monthly Friend

From the album’s band camp page…

Written, mixed and produced by Zoe Mead (Wyldest), Monthly Friend documents Mead’s empowerment not only as an entirely self-sufficient artist but also as a woman overcoming gender stereotypes and societal constraints. Indeed, the title itself, ‘Monthly Friend’, is a reference to something society taught her to be ashamed of which she now regards as a blessing.

Musically speaking, ‘Monthly Friend’ sees Wyldest continue on that evolutionary journey. Taking inspiration from the tender songwriting of Elliot Smith and the precise guitar patchworks of Soccer Mommy and Hovvdy, she has fused together these two elements plus her knowledge of ambient, soundtrack-style textures to produce an intimate indie rock opus.

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Pre ordered the Mustafa limited vinyl album and have received an email that it’ll be delivered today so hopefully I’ll listen to that later.

Agree he does have Sufjan qualities and feel he flits into many genres despite being what many would see as a rapper. I think the album could blow up big time.


Enjoyed Hollow when it was released as a single, but didn’t realise this was out today. Thanks for sharing!

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The two preview singles, Anything At All and Get in the Car, were really good. Scratchy, lo-fi indie pop


Really good feature on these guys in the latest gfp journal too

Think Apple is right here sadly. Was also looking out for this one based on aoty, but it’s not streaming anywhere and their Bandcamp has it down as July.

Thanks for confirming. That’s a shame. On the other hand I was hoping this would be a quiet release week after a packed month for the blog, yet I’ve just doubled my listening schedule for today based off the opening comments in this thread. So maybe it’s for the best that I can wait to enjoy it in July.

Looks like 2 tracks have been made available (or have been for a while).

3 remixes of the really unbelievably excellent Chiyu by Lycoriscoris (previously flagged in this thread in March) is out today (FFO Jon Hopkins, etc).

Shipping of vinyl copies of the album has been delayed which I’m sad about.


I think they have been released as singles already as I had one come up in my discover weekly playlist on spotify the other week. One to look forward to at least!

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Jaubi - Nafs at Peace

Elements of North Indian classical music, Hip-Hop and modal/spiritual jazz.