New Releases 30/10/2020

Great week last week. So much good stuff. But that was last week. So whatcha all got today?

Started my morning with a little Suuns, their new Fiction EP is great if you like minimalist dark electro mixed with a bit of art/plodding indie rock with a hint of an Arabic influence. As I do. Try it with black coffee.

Lot’s more to try today: Eels (up next), Elvis Costello (for old times sake, not expecting much), Oneohtrix Point Never and Andrew Bird at the very least for me.

Now, over to you folks …

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Got the OPN come in early which I was listening to all Thursday. Did not know there was new Andrew Bird!

Mr. Bungle!
Oneohtrix Point Never- Magic Oneohtrix Point Never
Post Moves- Cut Into Your Own Dimension (electronic, experimental)
Puscifer- Existential Rocking
Suuns- Fiction EP
Nothing- The Great Dismal (shoegaze/dream pop/alt)


That’s great! Guess that’s the point of the thread, right, @manches? Or at least partly. I know I get a lot of great steers from this thread. Probably my number one source for new music these days. Actually, not probably. Definitely. Enjoy!

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TOBACCO has a new album.


Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou - who knows… doom-grunge?

Black Foxxes - sprawling but punchy alt-rock (ffo Smashing Pumpkins and Placebo)

Ba’al - blackened post-metal


Totally forgot about Mr. Bungle. Added to my playlist :+1:


Nothing for me today


Obviously the new Autechre album that dropped on Wednesday and Oneohtrix Point Never.

New one on Disintegration State which I think is excellent. Starts off with some Emeralds vibes, traverses through thundering kicks, haunted memories of jungle, and into genuine ambient.


The Ariana Grande is the big release today

Jasmine Guffond has an album out today, I only really know Traced and Yellow Bell but enjoy them both. Descriptor…minimal electronic music maybe? (at least her older stuff was)

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Bring me the horizon
Mr Bungle

Didn’t know about Andrew Bird either, so I’ll have a listen, even though I don’t think I’ve found a whole album of his that I love. Link for convenience:

And hadn’t realised that the new Eels album was out today. Normally I would have pre-ordered the cd a while ago.not sure how hopeful I am, but will probably still buy it just to complete my collection!

Krakow Loves Adana - A Night To Remember
I think this looks like a sort of Halloween timed ep release? They released an album a month or two ago that I didn’t pay attention to begin with, but have ended up loving and playing lots, so I should love this too. Sort of 80 synthy pop songs.

Somni - Beats Volume I
It does indeed sound like beats. Electronic tunes and bleeps.

Jakaszek - Gardenia
I loved the last album, as did @static. Just skimming through this one and it seems to be missing the vocals that I loved from the last album. Mind of bleak soundscapes.

MOTTRON - Giants
Slow electro-poppish album?

Jose Luis Andervel
Mexican chap who now lives in Iceland. Can’t tell if this is a standalone ep or one of those annoying spotify partial releases of an album. Sounds lovely though. Great voice and delicate music for you to relax to.

Ane Brun - After The Great Storm
Norwegian singer songwriter lady, but not just solo acoustic sounds. I’ve never properly investigated her before, but sounds promising.

Glass Vaults - Sounds That Sound Like Music
Can’t even remember putting this guys on my follow list. New Zealand band. Psychedelic pop apparently.

Edit, one more:
Stella Somner - Northern Dancer
She’s in a German band called Die Heiterkeit who had a theatrical German sung album I liked a couple of years ago. This is in English and sounds more accessible and quite lovely from this first song I’m listening to now.


I’m interested to check out Swirling, the Sun Ra Arkestra’s first studio album in twenty years


Pretty hilarious looking at albumoftheyear for today’s releases. Was wondering why all these dark metal looking album covers…

Dawned on me after awhile…



Sun Ra

John Jeffrey - drummer of moon duo in lovely instrumental scapes

King Khan - garage rock psychedelia instrumental

Leon - swedish pop

New Jim White

Bit of Cliff to finish on guys




You’ll be hearing from his lawyer


New album for Nothing