🦞 🎵 New releases 5/7/24 Keir Starmer edition 🦞

I don’t actually have anything so hoping everyone else does!


Only one I had was a black metal album I was looking forward to until it turned out they had white nationalist links.

Might still listen as there is no link vocally and bands get fuck all from Spotify but no desire to promote it now.

Might give this a go, apparently a mix of extreme metal, IDM and jazz fusion by an American LGBT solo artist;


Kiasmos - II

Electronica. 10 years after their first album. Sounds kinda boring on first listen.



Excited about this one. Lively afrobeat, electro funk and dancefloor beats from Democratic Republic of Congo duo.


Rhinestone Pickup Truck - Self Deprecation at Hourly Rates

Fuzzy hi-fi angst rock, reminds me in places of Dinosaur Jr and The Vines. Not very original but pretty good!

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Slow day for me too. I found one potentially really nice album, but it looks like that was from last month, so will add that in last week’s/month’s thread after listening to it properly maybe.

Tendertwin - Ship Argo
This one sounds nice from the first couple of songs.

Nighttime - Lone Star
Choral, ethereal ‘mystical psych folk’

Francesca Heart - Bird Bath
Twinkling instrumental sounds.

Dan Levy - Pendant Ce Temps Sur Terre (Bande originale du film)
Ex half of The Do. His movie soundtrack for the I Lost My Body animated film was so good, so hopefully this has some nice moments. The first two tracks don’t sound your normal soundtrack affair, so fingers crossed.

Emilie Zoé - Live at Montreux Jazz 2022
and just because it’s likely to be a quiet week, here’s a live album from a Swiss (I think?) artist who I’ve liked the previous couple of albums by. For fans of PJ Harvey or Cat Power maybe/apparently.

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Antonina Nowacka - Sylphine Soporifera

Gorgeous cascades of voice and twinkly instruments to make you feel like you’re in a mountain paradise

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Yeah the new Kiasmos is definitely more subtle than the first one. The pre-released tracks have grown on me a bit so hopefully the rest will as well.

Trip to Iceland planned for later this month (lava permitting) so I’ve got more music for the ring road car journeys at least.


in tribute to sir keith there is very little of interest


Got quite a few on my list today, but trying not to dominate the release posting early doors. Three more for now, all with gorgeous artwork.

Qwalia - Abbreviations

London based psychedelic jazz quartet led by drummer Yusuf Ahmed. Various members of the band have worked with Frank Ocean, Cat Stevens & David Byrne. Khruangbin probably a good reference point.

Afla Sackey & Afrik Bawantu - Destination

Ghanian vocalist and djembe drummer Afla Sackey and his band.

“Their unique blend of vibrant African rhythms with brisk, animated horn sections and heavy bass-lines bring a fresh perspective to the Afrobeat genre.”

ZG - Out Of The Unknown

Soulful, jazzy late night downbeat with a 90s flavour. Reminding me of the likes of Lamb, Massive Attack and Morcheeba so far.


Prolific glitch heavyweight releases a new one expect micro beats and top soundstaging.


The Keir Starmer policybook

Lesser Halves - The Gold, the Rush, the Rot, the Rust

they mix angular, guitar-fueled indie rock with sunny power pop vocals, and the results are pretty cool

Bacchae - Next Time

DC (pop) punk

Thanks for starting off. Can you add the tag to the thread (think it’s ‘new music friday’ or similar) that sets off the alerts for people like me who have them set up?

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And maybe delete all references to K***?

Enjoying this so far

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I’ve added the tag, I think. I’ll leave it to the OP to decide on the thread title.

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Zuli - Lambda

Experimental, electronic beats. ”Deconstructed club” or something.


But can we have the lobsters back?

I’m sold! :laughing: