New Releases November the 1st

Its A Winged Victory For the Sullen Day isn’t it? :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

Probably give an ear to Bob Dylan’s Bootleg Series 15 as well.

Turnover- Altogether possibly?

What else we got?

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Yeah, hoping Turnover is good.

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There’s a new Earl Sweatshirt mini album / EP

Super Furry Animals Guerilla / R.E.M. Monster anniversary deluxe editions

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I’ve Sudan Archives and Itasca for the main ones today.


New overmono and throwing snow EPs for me. :grinning:

Omni have a new one out today and Michael Kiwanuka sounds promising

Michael Kiwanuka for me today. Half what through already-proper soul sounding.

Then, King Princess. I know it came out last week but the vinyl is out today so technically a new release!

Cate Le Bon & Bradford Cox

Spielbergs ep


I’ll give winged victory a bloody good listen I think


Lambchop (EP), Sudan Archives, Anais Mitchell (ep), Wished Bone, William Doyle, Leif Vollebekk, Garden Centre, Spearmint…
Are all on my list, boy!

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Gang Starr!


New Anaïs Mitchell?? Didn’t know about that! Any info?

Ah wait, it seems to be about five different versions/remixes of a song called Woyaya, so maybe not that exciting!

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Any new Anaïs is good. :+1:

“Woyaya” is a collaboration between noted songwriters Anaïs Mitchell (Hadestown) and Kate Stables (leader of This Is The Kit). Optimistic and rhythmically complex, it is cover of a song originally released by Ghanaian Afro-pop band Osibisa in 1971 on their Tony Visconti-produced album.

Later covered by everyone from Art Garfunkel on his debut solo album to family-friendly English comedian Russ Abbot, Mitchell knew of it from a different route. Says Anaïs: “I learned ‘Woyaya’ as a folksong growing up in Vermont, but had never actually heard the Osibisa/Garfunkel recordings until we decided to work it up. I love the clear-eyed hopefulness of the words, and how the music itself feels like a walking journey.”

This single release is timed to coincide with the triumphant Broadway run of Mitchell’s Hadestown musical — which was nominated for 14 Tony Awards and won 8 in the June 9th awards ceremony — more than any other show and including a top award for Best Musical. An EP with an additional instrumental and dub remix will be issued on July 14th.

Rounding out this three-way collaboration is producer/musician Josh Kaufman (Bob Weir’s Blue Mountain; the RedHot compilation of Grateful Dead cover songs & interpretations Day of the Dead). Josh adds: “I heard the Osibisa version of this song through Kate and was really moved to echo its shape with her and Anaïs. The song is yearning and full of forward motion. The chords move frequently and gently and the melody has such a natural hook to it. We built in some new arrangement ideas by adding our friends’ kids voices to the hopeful outro chant and made it into this multi-generational call and response.”

Additional performers on the track include Ray Rizzo on drums, Stuart Bogie on woodwinds & a bunch of friends’ kids who contribute a subtle children’s chorus.

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Om-nom-omni for me

That Sean Henry should be good. Singles from it have been decent

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Couple of nice alt country jams from Vetiver and White Denim today

And a new EP from Yak

The Bob Dylan bootleg series, Anna Meredith (on CD) and Miranda Lambert

Suppose I’ll give the new Jeffrey Lewis a go…sort of haven’t paid any attention since Em Are I