Newcastle (upon Tyne)



Say for example you had two evenings there to yourself, what would you do? I’m in this position myself and am thinking of dandering around and having something to eat. Where would be good to get something to eat and dander around? Can you get burritos in Newcastle?


There’s a quite good burrito place by the station. Other places I’d recommend a lot more though

Will post something later

(Best city)


Probably go to Sunderland.

Or go to Newcastle under Lyme instead - At least you can go to Stoke then.



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That’s really good thanks. By the time I read all that it’ll be time to go home lol (not really).


Wylam Brewery is meant to be good.


And most of the pubs around Ouseburn - Free Trade and Tyne especially.


probs just hit up west jesmond bar crawl because I am an insufferable, posh twat, before heading into town for Tiger Tiger. Then hit up munchies. 10/10
Or just go out around Quayside


train back to London.


If for some reason you do end up in Jesmond, Fat Hippo & Jam Jar are good for burgers (the latter can be a rowdy bar in the evenings though) - otherwise, avoid it. The Dene is nice for a walk though in the day.

Most of my recommendations are from @nestor tbh but I went to a great taco place in a shipping container on the quayside the other day, Newcastle is also weirdly good for BBQ food - Bierrex is the best and is a full on craft beer wanker place, Longhorns also very good. Redhouse down by the quayside is good for pies and is a cool old pub. The Bridge Tavern is meant to be great for food (I’ve only had bar snacks but v. v. good)

Errr yeah Free Trade Inn is amazing too. Fucking loads of good pubs tbh. Really grew to love Newcastle over the last few years.

Oh and Bierrex has an underground cocktail bar that sounds really wanky but is a great place for a drink after the pubs close.


Hearing the name Bierrex these days always confuses me - I forget that it’s where Popolo used to be, as Bierrex used to be the name of a bar where the Hancock now is. Bierrex used to be great for stopping in for last orders on the way home from the studio.


Best city.

  • Jesmond Dene for walking around and shit, nicely autumnal now obvz but also higher chance of rain.
  • Get the metro out to Tynemouth and eat chips/go to the aquarium/walk on the beach and feel the sand between your toes and feel young and alive. There’s also a Jay Rayner approved fish restaurant on the beach itself.
  • There’s a decent market at the Quayside on Sundays, and also one in Tynemouth (inside the metro station which is pretty cool in itself tbh.)
  • Cross the bridge to Gateshead and go to the Baltic for the best panoramic views of the city.
  • Loadsa wanky nice beer/coffee spots as already mentioned.
  • The Lit & Phil Institute near the station is a good a place as any to wait for a train if it’s grim and rainy and you’ve got bags.
  • Grainger Market for the Cheap Tab Shop and pizza by the slice.
  • Side Gallery for good photos.
  • Town Moor is a lovely open space in the city centre. Also features the aforementioned Wylam Brewery which is ace.
  • See a film at the Tyneside if that’s your bag.

Best city.


Was out in 'castle on Saturday night. There;s some really great ale places there now,


If going for MEATY places I’d avoid jam jar and fat hippo…just cause I’ve worked with chefs who say they wouldn’t eat there. I’ve not eaten at jam jar, I’ve eaten at fat hippo and it’s fine but maybe not so great behind the scenes.

I’ve only heard good things from the Bridge Tavern. Longhorns is good for a meaty place with more variety than just burgers.

Bierex has similar food to longhorns if you’re into smokey meat stuffs. That downstairs bar is a bit electro swing bust just not enough to be off putting.

The taco place on the quaysides quite nice but there’s not a lot of space when it’s busy so you might wait for a seat.

Similarly, Rileys fish shack in tynemouth is pretty nice but it’s in a small hut so it’s BUSY