NFL Week 15 - Ridder me this

I think what is obviously going to happen here is that the Vikings are not going to get anywhere close but Cousins and Cook will end up with enough fantasy points to lose me my crucial matchup.

Getting interesting…

Matt Ryan and a big, unexpected lead has never gone wrong before, right?

Every fibre of my being wants to blame Kirk for that but that was awful from Jalen Reagor.

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One of those everything that can go wrong will go wrong games.

The officials have properly got it in for the vikings tonight

I cannot believe that has happened twice. That second time was so egregious as well.

Also happened twice: Jefferson had to leave the field for injury reasons and Reagor caused an interception. Unreal.


I haven’t watched the second half at all, laughing even harder now, I fucking knew it.

This is one of the maddest games of football I’ve ever seen, and there’s some stiff competition. Would be pretty funny if they come back from 33 and then lose in OT.

just want him to have a good O line before he retires

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Do the Vikings get to wear the hats with a tie???

Well done, he’s Jeff Saturday.

Wow. My fantasy team is missing the playoffs but that was amazing.

Couldn’t even win on his own day.

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That could have been the longest game in history. Jeff Saturday wanted the Colts job next year, well that just got axed.

Matty Ice on the losing end of that debacle and the Pats Super Bowl, ouch.

tbf, this one was the ghost of Matty Ice

(will gladly accept your sympathy on behalf of Matt Ryan apologists everywhere)


Wait, what…?

Biggest comeback ever in the first game

2 (two) missed Justin Tucker field goals in the second

Weird day