NFL Week 16- Merry Xmas Nick Foles and Gardner Minshew

Their baaack. Minshew takes over for an injured Hurts with a shoulder issue. Jeff Saturday doesn’t know what’s going on in Indy at QB, so it’s Nick Foles time.

Going to be some chilly games today. Bears/Bills under 0 degrees F, Cleveland looks downright nasty, freezing temps, 40-50 MPH wind gusts. Going to be chilly in Pitt as well.

Looking forward to it. Merry Xmas NFL fans!

Good lord

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One to let our man @bugduv know about.


Real shame that Hurts is out for the Eagles, definitely taken the edge off that game.

Tempting though it is to go full Brady and ignore my family in favour of football tomorrow’s games really don’t look good.

Don’t do this, Detroit.

Bears, Bills, Battlestar Galactica

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No other RB has more than 3 games with 200+ rushing yds and 2+ TDs

Derrick Henry has had 4 in a row vs the Texans


Mac Jones matching Zach Wilson’s 3 first downs in the first half.

Got gamespass for this week. Just watching redzone

Looking forward to dolphins thrashing the Packers tbh

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Some vintage Foxborough yips from the Bengals here.

Just when the Lions convince everyone they’re a real team they shit the bed like a diabetic dog who’s been in the bin. Bunch of wankers. Christmas is cancelled.


Packers secondary having a tough first half.

Just the 38 yards per completion for Tua

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That was definitely dropped. Not like Green Bay to get some suspicious calls go their way :roll_eyes:


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This aged well

Think I want Tua to go tbh

Fuck me that was a waste of three hours of my Christmas. Pathetic stuff from the Dolphins

HATE Aaron Rodgers hair.

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