Non-League Football Thread 18/19 (Rolling)


does Hoddle still have an academy there?


I might do a few Carshalton games this year, with a trip to the Hope pre match.


nah, crystal skulls are banned under EU law.


separate threads is defo a great idea, any chat about non league got lost so easily last season

DiS meat at a non league game could be fun?

Sat 10th November I’m gonna be in Glasgow for my sister’s housewarming so would be up for going to a non league game in the day time beforehand?


a meet would be great


Covered a few South Shields matches last season, match reporting as part of my degree. Was fun but they were in clearly a couple of leagues above in terms of quality so it wasn’t the most competitive stuff. Gather everyone hates them which seems pretty standard fare in those kind of situations but there’s a nice feel to the club.

North East seems pretty brilliant for non-league generally. I didn’t take advantage of it enough last year… Leeds and West Yorkshire is fallow in comparison


Aye. Always spot loads of great matchday photos online of North-East games. Guess it’s got something to do with them having cities with one major club, idk. That and so many older amateur clubs having links to old local trades and social clubs, etc.

Leeds is a bit of an anomolous city in that has a massive, identifiable, historically relevant side in cricket, rugby and football, and such a successful modern history in secondary sports. I could imagine it could be hard to establish newer minor clubs in any popular sport, or keep older ones viable.


Going to try and make an effort to go to more Wrexham games this season, although I’m sure I say that every year. Got the oil ballers of Salford City at home on Boxing Day which might be fun (family commitments allowing).

Found last season a bit demoralising, tbh as they were in the playoff places for most of the season before fizzling out towards the end. Not particularly confident this time around.


Good shout. Topping and tailing the day with a nice pub is half the fun really isn’t it?


Omg yes let’s go see Pollok FC


aah fucks sakes

just looked up their stadium - it’s less than 15 minutes walk from my sisters house


the weekend i’m in glasgow, they’re playing in the cup… in Ardrossan



Feel a bit out of place posting as a (sometimes fairweather, but I’m going to give it a proper go this season) York City fan in a non league forum…given that it’s still a professional club with league ambitions…but in 10 out of the last 13 seasons they have been below League 2…so perhaps this is our level now.

We won’t be at Bootham Crescent for much longer now…with the York Community Stadium hanging over the club like a monolith. One bright spot from successive relegations was a delay in the move…but the club doesn’t own the Crescent, and it’s been asked to leave, so it’s a sad inevitability. It’s a nice little ground, if you ever get chance.

With financial solvency harder to achieve in the conference, let alone the leagues below, it’s hard to escape the pressure of needing to go up. Misgivings about the manager (aside from his obvious “Brexit” credentials) are a reliance on players from his region, namely the north east, which may narrow the pool somewhat. But preseason has been strong. Who knows…but at this level, having the largest budget isn’t any guarantee of success…


If anyone wants a London non-league meat, I want to go to our away game to Wingate & Finchley on 15th December (20 mins walk from West Finchley station) if anyone wants to join me xoxo


Don’t tell me we’re going to have to start another thread.


That’s not bad that far… aren’t Third Lanark a thing again?


The Suffolk clubs have been moved to the Southern Premier Central League, so that’s Leiston, Lowestoft and Needham Market.

Ourselves, Harrow, Staines and Met Police have been shunted to the Southern Premier Southern League (bloody confusing monicker, that) so have the promise of trips to Frome on opening day, Taunton on Bank Holiday Saturday and Merthyr, Tiverton, Wimborne, Dorchester and Weymouth amongst others to look forward to.

Does rather make one wonder what the FA committee had in their tea as instead of reducing travel for us as was one of their stated aims, it’s more than doubled it for us.

The effect on our side of the restructuring has been insane. Every single member of last season’s squad that was a penalty kick away from promotion has left, as have the long-serving management team and we’re rebuilding entirely from scratch.

To be fair, the vast majority have gone up at least one level, one of our fearsome front foursome has signed for Crawley, two have gone to the Conference with Hartlepool and Barnet - only Arthur Lee (who joined yourselves after having a bit of a contract drama with us) and Keagan Cole (who doesn’t drive and joined Potters Bar) have stayed in the Bostik Prem.

Tbh, as gutting as it’s been not being able to keep last season’s squad together and see them develop, the step into the unknown is quite exciting. Lots of new places to visit and the division looks a little less moneyfied than the Bostik does with Dorking, Kingstonian, Enfield and Margate throwing a bit of cash around.

On which note…

Ahem… enjoy that one!


Home to Weymouth that day, otherwise, in spite of despising Wingate with a rare passion, I would have done. Fucking hate that club - one I’m not going to miss from Bostikland.


That is absolutely ridiculous! (You can see why I thought you guys would be in the SL Central…)

Sad to hear you guys have haemorrhaged players. Hoping you’ll get promoted as you were desperately unlucky last season.

Potters Bar away isn’t until April. Plenty of time to mentally prepare for it :smiley:


I don’t get down to Dorchester as much as I used to but I’ll definitely try and get down for 29th Sep match against you lot. I’d love to buy you a pint in our club bar, @he_2.

We have a really decent manager in Steve Thompson. Got his head screwed on. Just need a bit of defensive consistency (lol) and a decent striker (lol) and we’ll be pushing for the play-offs this season.


I’ve just been looking through the Whyteleafe fixtures and noticed that they aren’t playing Chipstead this year who are their main local rivals.

Seems strange that two teams so close would be in different leagues. Chipstead are in the South Central and Whyteleafe in the South Eastern. Guernsey are still in Whyteleafes league. The away trips to Guernsey must cost a fortune to clubs at that level.