Non-League Football Thread (Rolling)

With sides getting squads together and the AGM Cup well in progress, I thought we might have a new NL football thread for the next year.

Mind you, kicking off with absolutely dreadful news about Justin Edinburgh’s death. Unbelievable stuff, only a month or so after leading the Leyton Orient back into the League.

Came across him a few times when he was at Billericay and Fisher with Hendon, always came across as very dignified and personable.

Build up welcome here.

Hi non league fans!

My name is sky box office and my beloved Yeovil have spent the last few years imploding. We’re now back in non league after 15 years hanging with the big boys like Swindon in the league.

Still imploding though. Got no first team staff. Have 10 players on the books. I’ll enjoy the 7 points we’ll get this season and look forward to playing in national league south next year.

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Ahh i have a very soft spot for Yeovil!! First league ground I ever went to, for some reason my brother liked them and we used to pass through there on the way to our holiday, so popped in one time.

Sad to see you guys back in non league, not least of all because it reduces my already shite total of league grounds visited (now down to 4 :frowning: ). Hoping you get promoted this season despite everything (or if you get relegated hopefully we will play yous season after next) :muscle:


Sad that Aldershot won’t be joining us in Conference South next season as they’re v easy to get to on the train, but Oxford City is an opportunity to meet up with my best mate at least.

Anyone know when they’re announcing Conf South fixtures for next season?

Looks like Wednesday 3rd July for you guys, a week or so later for steps 3 & 4.

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July 3rd I believe. Hoping to get back up to Bath for a couple of City games at some point.

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Got a manager. Darren Sarll who was last seen leaving Watford under a cloud with accusations of bullying. He is meant to be good at bringing through youth players though so :man_shrugging:

Rumours are that Jed McCrorry is buying the club. He tried to bankrupt Swindon so should be fun

Sarll was a decent full-back as a player at Step 2 level, remember him at Hitchin in particular. I remember the accusations coming out at Watford around bullying. He seems to be highly thought of coaching wise from speaking to friends, but that is a bit of baggage to be potentially carrying with him.

Kingstonian have signed 16 players including half the Merstham team, and Dan Hector from Whyteleafe who was probably Whyteleafes best player last year. He looked a class act.


Just a quick question, I come in peace. I’m not that familiar with non-league but who would you say are its most right-wing, Brexity and gammony clubs? I guess Whitehawk, Clapton Orient and Dulwich would be the least, plus maybe FC United.

I might be wrong but I always thought White hawk were gammony. Horrible club and fans I thought? Whitehawk isn’t a very nice area of Brighton.

Dulwich has a pretty strong anti-gammon reputation so I’m not sure where you’re doing your research or if you’re just trolling.

King’s Lynn fans can be pretty gammony at times, sadly :frowning:

Nah I meant I thought Dulwich/Clapton/Whitehawk/FCUM were the least gammony!


I’m well excited in advance of the start of the season:

  • King’s Lynn were promoted in the ridiculous step 3 Super Play-Off at the end of last season;
  • We’ve lost an excellent left-back (Frazer Blake Tracy) to Peterborough, but fair play to him, I hope he gets plenty of game time there;
  • We’ve made three signings over the summer and retained the vast majority of our squad;
  • Ticket prices have gone up but that was no surprise really.

It’s going to be a tough year. Eight former Football League clubs in the division including Chester, York and Boston. Goals: do the double over Hereford again, finish about Kettering, and stay in the league. Would be happy with 14th/15th.

Oh! I misread your post entirely. Apologies!

Cool, no worries. I’m not trolling, I’m doing a groundhopping trip soon so just needed advance warning of angry porcine men.

: anticipates imminent Met Police FC joke :

Billericay. Their fans took pro Brexit flags to Dulwich last season and trashed their pro LGBT bunting

In all honesty we have quite a few gammons

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That would require the po-po to have any fans. They have very few.

Whitehawk are a weird mix. Before the money came flowing in they had a small core of fans who would probably have fit that description, but now there’s a new breed who are more typical Brighton/Hove in outlook.

FCUM have internal politics to worry about, legacy of Andy Walsh and his group at the top of the club. It doesn’t seem a particularly happy place to be, but their politics seem far more focused around the purity of football than anything else - I’m not aware they’ve ever been involved beyond the level of a normal footbal club outside the Supporter’s Direct movement.

Lewes are probably another one for your “not” list - first club to pay women and men equally, quite a hipstery vibe.

As for avoid clubs - I’ve always found Wealdstone fans to have a nasty edge to them, but some people like the atmosphere that brings. Online they will call out obvious racism where they see/hear it, but there’s also a lot of talk about how Harrow’s changed and immigration being to blame for some of their club’s woes in the 90s and early 00s and they get involved in a disproportionate amount of crowd trouble.

Billericay I would avoid mainly because of the Tamplin circus, Boreham Wood have a bunch of right-wing twats who turn out for big games, but they’re fine for run of the mill ones and there’s a westcountry club whose name escapes me that didn’t impress our fans at all this season.

Worth saying though, in the main fan bases tend to be pretty apolitical - even if individuals bring their politics with them, in most cases they’re individuals either on the left or right, and most clubs from Step 2 down tend to be pretty welcoming and regardless of the politics of their area.