Norway? YES WAY

what bit of norway would / have you gone to?

what bit should i go to?

tell me things about norway please

PizzaRussian lives there
looks alright.

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should really have @ed the board’s norwegian in residence, eh? assume she’s got google alerts set up.

Haven’t been. Heard pints are expensive though, so watch out for that.

i look forward to spending the 6 months after i get back explaining to everyone in the pub “how much that would cost in norway go on guess”


Set up a time and date to visit wr, then risk totally wr her.


“I don’t know.”
“Have a guess though!”

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I’ve only been to Norway once. I went to Bergen which is quite a way north. Beautiful area and a lovely city to visit.

have been wanting to visit for a while and recently the road bike world championships were on in bergen and it looked amazing.

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funny old shape isn’t it.

like there’s two countries between these dots


imagine that


What’s he like!

I’ll post other observations as and when

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please do

oy oy!



Mate it’s been two years since I spend a summer there and I’m STILL in debt from it

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Bergen isn’t that north :wink:

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Oslo and Bergen are both awesome, as is the trip between them. I also went to Volda and drove down the coast to Bergen which was stunning. What do you want to know exactly?

I’d like to go to Trondheim and Tromsø at some point.

nothing in particular, just getting some ideas for where would be best to go / what i should do. surprisingly there haven’t been any holiday threads on norway (that i could find)

so maybe a couple of days in oslo then a couple of days in bergen would be good you reckon?

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I think there’s been Oslo threads before? But anyway aye based on what I’ve done both are great cities and while driving or train between them is like 9 hours it is stunning landscape.

As Oslo is bigger than Bergen maybe set an extra day there (if that’s an issue) but both are do-able in a couple days