Oasis were actually decent though



First album and singles, and what’s the story is good but has some shite, and from there 5/6 decent tracks. Still pretty great tho


Obvs. For the briefest twinkle before it all went to jingo they were fucking incredible.




No they weren’t. They were shite. Probably the most infuriatingly overrated British band ever


Oasis were, are and always will be fucking awful.


few good songs on the first couple of albums and The Masterplan yeah


Which one do you prefer: Oasis or Blur?


This mostly came about from bedwetters saying they were shite, while they’re actually pretty good. Importance of being idle is genuinely a great song, better than fucking p4k core post conde nast


They really knew how to rip off a classic rock song.


Who do you prefer, Oasis or Blur?[poll]

  • Blur
  • What?!!!
  • Oasis, I mean Oasis


I’d say they were somewhere between great and shit. closer to great, though…let’s say pretty damn good

nb - I’m talking specifically about their debut album…which at the time, was a revelation. looking back sans rose-tinted glasses it still stands up as a really good album.


They’re a beginner’s-level band.

Great place to start if you’re not into music.

I can’t actually remember what Definitely Maybe sounds like.


The Masterplan is a choon doe


Definitely Maybe im not sure I would call it a revelation in retrospect. Maybe it was more popular but it hardly original. Most of it is reverb drenched riff based tracks. They seem to be hugely influenced by a lot of 60s pop rock + The Stones Roses. Quite a lot of The La’s in there as well.


i’ve come round to the idea that definitely maybe is actually really good


Oasis were great guys. Peak proper haircut music.


they sound like being 18 and feeling like anything was possible, they have more good songs than most bands i like

still listen to them fairly often, so much live footage of them from the mid 90’s is properly brilliant

like this


blur were more consistent but oasis had a higher peak


Pulp are better than both anyway.


Poor man’s Northern Uproar.