October 2018 Film DiScussion Thread

3rd October

A Star is Born


5th October



Johnny English Strikes Again

10th October

22 July (Netflix)

12th October


Bad Times at the El Royale

First Man


19th October

Fahrenheit 11/9



Hunter Killer

22nd October

The Hate U Give

23rd October

An Evening with Beverley Luff Linn

24th October

Bohemian Rhapsody

26th October

Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot

The Guilty

U – July 22 (not the same as the Netflix film above)

31st October

Slaughterhouse Rulez

Favourite September film release

  • The Miseducation of Cameron Post
  • American Animals
  • Faces Places
  • Crazy Rich Asians
  • The Predator
  • Lucky
  • The Rider
  • King of Thieves
  • Mile 22
  • A Simple Favour
  • Climax
  • Matangi/Maya/MIA
  • The Little Stranger
  • The House With a Clock in Its Walls
  • Black 47
  • The Wife
  • Night School
  • Other (please specify)

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Gonna use this for my final September films because I like to be as up to date as possible at all times.

Skate Kitchen - Really, really good. Another one for my ‘What-people-said-American-Honey-was-but-not-fucking-boring-and-shit’ collection. Loved how naturalistic it all was, absolutely gorgeous to look at, all the boarding footage was hypnotic. Probably could have done without some of the more crowbarred narrative elements but it was forgivable for how well executed the rest of it was. Those are some fuckin’ cool gals eh.

A Simple Favor - This was an absolute blast. Funny as fuck. Anna Kendrick is so good in it, had loads of laugh out loud moments and I really loved what it was trying to do as an absurdly trashy thriller pastiche type of deal. Blake Lively was having a lot of fun and Henry Golding’s delivery of “who wants more B Vitamins!” was only beaten by Linda Cardellini’s line about how good her knife paintings are. Good stuff.


Crazy Rich Asians - I had quite a few problems with it*, but it manages to overcome those and be very funny, quite sweet and I think I managed to spot most of the jokes and points about cultural norms and stuff (my girlfriend pointed out a few that I missed). I think it’s probably a more important film than a good one, but I enjoyed it.


Yeah, the glorifying of wealth was a bit iffy; the last scene almost undid all the good work of the previous two hours; public proposals are abusive; Astrid was maybe too perfect; the break up of Astrid and Michael was a bit underwritten etc etc

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I watched the Kris Kristopherson / Babs Streisand A Star is Born the other week when I was poorly

it is a really, really bad film - the songs (both the ones KK sings and Bab’s ones) are absolutely shit

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Going to catch Skate Kitchen tomorrow night.

Saw Black ‘47 yesterday - it’s really brutal and bleak but with some incredible cinematography/locations - basically an Irish Western. James Frecheville was super imposing and really did the role, and I liked that it portrayed the complexities of occupation (ie, they don’t work without an element of the occupied accepting + profiting from it).


American Animals was a lot better than I thought it was going to be a) before I went to see it and b) about half an hour in when I was deeply unsure about the whole half film/half documentary thing. It was really good.

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They need to stop making musician biopics

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They really fucking do. Saw the trailer for that Freddy Mercury one yesterday. I can’t think of many things I would like to sit through less that I will inevitably end up sitting through.

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I mean the central performances are often great and all but the films are always so dry and dull. That John C Reilly spoof Walk Hard is pretty funny in its pisstaking of the genre


They’re always so fucking boring. There are so many more interesting real-life characters to tell the story of than “musician” as well. “Oh you struggled to become a musician for a bit and then you were a musician and it probably left you feeling empty once you’d achieved the thing you wanted to achieve” who gives a fuck.

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Worst bit is usually when they start playing something in the studio and everyone’s like ‘WHOA this is so good this music you’re recording will surely go down in history!’ as if everyone knew that at the time they were recording it ffs


Well, this is encouraging

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It’s this year’s The Snowman!


Yup, the way biopics deal with the “real-life important and legendary thing” is always so grandiose and stupid.

I haven’t seen it since it was in the cinema but I’m sure in Good Vibrations (the Terri Hooley / Belfast punk scene biopic) they make fun of this cliche when he hears Teenage Kicks for the first time.

You think it’s going to be one of those moments but it cuts away just to him grinning and everyone looking baffled, or something like that.

Different type of film obvs but I was impressed by the “unknowing of it’s significance in history at the time of doing the thing” performance Meryl Streep gave in The Post as well

the Brian Wilson one was really good


Though this only looks at US box office, i thought it was interesting with regards to how the romantic comedy has fallen out of favour in recent years - Crazy Rich Asians is the most successful in a decade


Do you pronounce it like ‘bye oh pick’ or like ‘myopic’ but with a B instead of an m. Its an issue in my household, this.