October 2018 Film DiScussion Thread


The latter


Luckily I’m a mature adult and can tolerate people with different views on the world, otherwise I’d be seething atm, which I’m definitely not.


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It’s because of how you say Biog raphy instead of bio graphy


saw Upgrade. really like Logan Marshall Green, will pretty much watch anything with him in it at this point. people apparently call him discount Tom Hardy, but well i have no time for Hardy myself, he has the air of a try-hard. Green on the other hand comes from One Tree Hill stock so you know he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Anyway, wasn’t sure where this was going at points after a superb opening, but it really does come together again and is a solid 7 or maybe 8/10 in my book. It’s sort of a futuristic cyberpunk thing it has going on. It sort of swings between slapstick and grittiness at points and the slapsticky bits were where it nearly lost me.



Once the proper credits happen and it gets going, I pretty much loved it. It wasn’t actually as extreme as I expected, and I mean that in a good way. The dancing is incredible, the visuals and colour palette is really satisfying, the camerawork, the sound design, etc. It’s all the best of Noe with the least amount of bullshit. I think it’s his best film purely because it does the least amount of stuff wrong.

Some stuff can be seen from a mile off, because it’s got things in it Noe has touched on before and he likes foreshadowing a lot. But that said, this feels original and mostly because of the focus on dance, which helps to look past the wonkier parts of it.

There’s a lot of stuff in there that’s very reminscent to taking acid, to the extent that I think the film wouldn’t be as enjoyable to people who aren’t familiar with that? There isn’t a lot of depth to the film begin with, and my guess is that not relating to that sort of experience would mean it has even less depth.


  • Some of the dialogue in the first half hour is a bit crap (specifically, the repeated graphic sex chat) and it doesn’t take full advantage of its potential to be good sesh-y or character developing content. The opening interviews and dance sequence is great… but the party talking heads section is the messiest part of the film, but thankfully that’s the only time its juvenile and then gets way better
  • The race politics are seriously ROUGH
  • The philosophy books at the start and the naff text that popped up around the time of an act break, felt like when finishing the film they panicked about there not being enough meaning and threw those in. Did like the VHS tapes though.


Coming of age films are the best films, aren’t they?

I reckon 90% of my favourite films are:

  • Coming of age films
  • Road buddy films
  • Time loop films
  • Conspiracy theory films


saw it yesterday too. for a while it plays a bit like an Irish revenge fantasy but comes together very well as it progresses. despite the obviously fictional plot the historical context/setting was handled pretty well, and i liked the commitment to having characters speak Irish to each other when alone.

also thought it was also an interesting idea to handle a plot like that with the character as a lone wolf type rather than trying to tie him into the republican movements of the time, which might have been the natural instinct (while still having the opening scene acknowledge their existence). does make for a more universal story.



Good ones are. It’s the most commonly underwhelming genre/trope IMO though.


Just seen the trailer for 22 July. Not sure I’m ready for that really.


You’re in luck, there’s two films about it this month!


surprised how much people liked American animals here, would like to read why.
found it watchable, but slight. seemed to try reaching for a deep meaning that just wasn’t there. maybe that was the point.

‘wajib’ was my favourite september release.


Doing 31 days of horror this month. Just watched Three…Extremities. First two parts (dumplings and Box) were pretty intense, 3rd part was kind of slow up until the final few seconds.


Skate Kitchen is SO GOOD. The first 45 minutes-ish are so filled with joy, I was enraptured. And then it gets progressively darker but totally earns it.

Wonderful wonderful stuff.


The Little Stranger - Only saw this as it’s Lenny but I dug it more than expected. Could have done without it going full schlock but I liked some of the performances especially Will Poulter.

A Simple Favor - Good fun for the first hour but got increasingly more bored as it dragged on (and boy does it drag) and Henry Godding is a terrible actor! Almost laughably at points (the kid fight scene had me howling). Basically there’s no need for a camp romp to be 125 minutes long. The end.


watched The Shout. odd as shit that


I’ve been thinking about it, and I’m certain that bill and Ted’s excellent adventure fulfils all of these criteria


Sounds like someone needs more b vitamins…


It had some good lines (I am always going to appreciate a Robert Mapplethorpe gag) but god it was a slog.