OKNOTOK OK Computer 20th Anniversary mega-thread


Apparently some of the old OK Computer adverts or style pieces have been put up in the important cities (Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, London ect ect) https://www.instagram.com/p/BTRB63VjyRc/

Ok Computer 20 Year Anniversary Re-Issue
OKNOTOK Computer
new_OLD Radiohead

they’ll never top Aha Shake Heartbreak


Surely then it’s OK2 not TKOL2?

Am I missing something.

Also: Ooooh.


wonder if they’ll do a thing. might just be a reissue or summat tho


Wasn’t it 20 years old this year?


Comes dashing into thread


Oh great, it’s another thread about crappy Radiohead…


Maybe they’ll be doing OK Computer gigs, playing the album in full?

In other words - get a round in when they start Electioneering.


Youth And Young Manhood though




What’s more likely to happen in June?

  • Unexpected Labour Victory
  • Radiohead play OK Computer in full at Glastonbury

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Because it’s the best song and everyone else will be trying to charge to the front?


Very good.


now why would there be a kings of leon thread on the radio head board? :thumbsdown:


I’ll think they will do a basement version of Ok Computer …


oh yeah there’s one of these by my office but i just thought it was a shitty poster for a fashion brand or something


that would actually be mint, could replace the actual album for me




Pics or it didn’t happen


will take one at lunch if you like, it’s on a wall on hackney road by tesco metro