Old TV shows you've watched for the first time in lockdown

I could probably pick up the DVDs cheap at Cex I imagine

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Friday Night Lights which has become an enormously important factor in my ability to cope with everything going on and which I only have one episode of which is causing me some degree of anxiety.


got through all of Sopranos, Dexter (4 seasons), ER (8 seasons)

now I’m starting Firefly but gf doesn’t like it, so I have to watch it on the train to work

Prime Suspect
OJ Simpson drama thing
OJ Simpson massive documentary thing
Versace murder drama thing

All of which were super

(inspired by New Girl) I know it shouldn’t continue to shock me but the trope of ‘fat person being cringey’ is so so so painfully unfunny and bizarre. even Never Have I Ever, which had loads and loads of minority characters sensitively dealt with (for the most part), had a token delusional/unfunny/annoying fat kid while everyone else was rail thin :confused:

Breaking Bad - quite bad

trying to find somewhere I can watch the Peyton Place TV show but doesn’t seem to exist anymore

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It’s all there now, they just added it in stages

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if you’re unsure about it early on just bear in mind that it peaks around seasons 4 and 5

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Freaks and Geeks

(I’d watched the first episode years ago, but never got around to seeing the rest)

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only recently learned of the existence of We Need Answers so started watching that

Have you watched the Plot Against America? Seeing Neil’s cool older brother in that is a reminder of the harsh realities of time (I know he’s been in lots of other stuff but this really brought it home).

Ohh fair enough, hadn’t realised

I’ve watched the first two episodes as a mate was raving about it. It’s decent but I haven’t felt really hooked yet.

Also watched the first episode of The Sopranos.

The kid who played Bill is now playing the beardy teacher in the Spiderman movies…

This Country

Watched these right back in March time I think…both excellent.

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I binged all of This Country too.

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Found and watched both seasons of a weird Aussie show from 10 years ago called ‘Spirited’ on amazon.
Super Hans out of Peep Show plays the ghost of a 70s punk singer, in Australia.
Odd but good imo.

It’s not super old but Good Girls, really enjoying it although I think it’s starting to wear on mine and the TV nerves how terrible Beth is at negotiating.

Also Cowboy BeBop.

Not a big fan of panel shows generally but after catching one episode when channel surfing I’ve been watching some more of “Would I Lie To You?” and I absolutely love it, think when it is good, and that has been most of the time in the few episodes I’ve seen, it is as funny as TV gets. I did not expect to be saying that about something featuring Lee Mack.


Did Boardwalk Empire and The Knick and enjoyed them both. Watched the first series of Dark but won’t take that any further. Did the whole of Teen Titans Go!

Now doing Friday Night Dinner and Sarah & Duck.