Olivia Rodrigo

About time we had an Oliva Rodrigo thread right?


Good reminder for me to listen to the new single

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Yeah its good!

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We got new O-Rod today!? Oh boy

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Interestingly we were in Portugal last month and we found a local mainstream radio station that was a bit like Heart because it had a similar jingle. They were playing Vampire regularly with the swearing. On foreign language stations I guess they arent fussed about the swearing?!?

Listened to her last album for the first time the other day, actually. Not too bad. Probably end up filing her along side CRJ as singers I should listen to more but always seem to forget about.

Sour is pretty good, but there are a few bits of filler and it gets a bit samey imo. Vampire is brilliant though so hopefully the new record is a further step up (havent listened to the new single yet)

Hmmm. Very 2005ish. Like a watered-down Be Your Own Pet or something. Not that thats a bad thing. Catchy chorus, obv. Oh theres a squealy guitar solo, thats not at all pleasant. Will need to hearit in the context of the album to appreciate it more maybe. 6/10.

This is a Wet Leg song.

Shes sort of nearly there in terms of being excellent.


Thats who it reminded me of! Couldnt put my finger on it!


Enjoying the new one. Shes great


Like how polished low-fi the new one is. Love her videos.

Vampire is track of the year for me.

Yeah this rocks

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Ah I really like the album (loved her first one too) my only issue is with the piano ballads which sound boring. I get why theyre on the record you need them to balance out the fun pop rock bangers but I dunno, I think theres ways of producing quieter songs/ballads where sonically they can still be quite interesting. I hate that I listen to them and just think this sounds expensive which takes me out of it. Vampire is a good mesh of both types of song on the record though, has a lot going on.

Those pop rock bangers are incredible and so much fun, the guitar solo on bad idea right? Is the wildest solo Ive heard in years.

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Lacy is a banger. Not such a fan of the shouty Avril Lavigne stuff.

Alvvays about to get an unexpected payday very possibly.

Oh aye, which ones this?

I listened to the record yesterday and one seemed extremely similar to Dreams Tonight

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Opposite for me, the pop-punk ones are definitely my favs. Her piano ballads are good but end up pretty samey too - the rest of it has great energy!

Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl, Love is Embarrassing and Pretty isnt Pretty probably my highlights