Pietro Valente



Use this thread to post Pietro updates now he has officially retired from crazy drum covers :slight_smile:

Here’s Pietro being smooth as fuck in a jazz band

Pietro has two albums on Spotify too, including hits such as Oo=Oo (432 Hz) and Low Gravity (432 Hz).

Fly you glorious beast, fly


Which was your favourite crazy drum cover?


Which was your least favourite crazy drum cover?


A noble, but understandably incomplete attempt at compiling the great man’s work.
Well done.


That poll was there originally, I swear. I even voted. I looked later and it was gone. Any ideas @sean?


Does it work if I quote it?


Check out this TWO MINUTE drum solo from @pietrovalente himself


I love Pietro.

Sometimes I worry that this is all a joke at his expense though and it makes me sad because he’s awesome.


Maybe at the start because of his relentless jagging, but at this point I’m #teampietro :100:

He’s a heck of a drummer


I don’t know what happened but I’m now expecting triplets


Wow! I didn’t know about this post! I’m glad to receive this honor and thanks for all the replies.
A special thanks to @ma0sm for the idea!