Pitchfork AMA



Pretty much only answered the easy / boring questions 2.6

The Needle Drop (Anthony Fantano)

Can someone trick Barry Hogan into doing one of these?


Didn’t know that stuff about Anthony Fantano. What a bellend


That Althony Rightano stuff suprised me too. Dunno, didn’t take him as your typical angry white mens rights internet nerd and I’m disappointed/won’t be going back to the Needle Drop anymore.


Oh dear. It’s getting harder to draw up a list of anyone associated with music and film who isn’t a dickhead in some way


I was thinking earlier about who was the most underwhelming c. 2005 Pitchfork band. I know most people would say Tapes and Tapes but I think they’re forgetting how terrible Love Is All and also Thunderbirds Are Now! were.


I still like that first Tapes N Tapes album


I’m From Barcelona, by far.


did people really need reasons not to watch the needle drop?


lol at all the people being like ‘you used to be indie but now you cover pop and rap!!’