Post your favourite KEXP performances

…or similar. God I love KEXP!

Here’s a few of mine


They seem to appear after each album…but as this is the one after Here and Nowhere Else…its my favourite


Oooh don’t think I’ve seen this one

Always incredible live. There’s an even better one with full strings/wind section somewhere


Oh shit this is going to be good

Have never seen this either. Very good.

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Find it and post it

find this endlessly hypnotic and calming

i also enjoy this a lot more than i thought i would. i like leany but not exactly the kind of act that suits this format

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not KEXP, but the version of Silhouettes here is probably one of my favourite things ever


Godamn this thread is shaping up to be a goldmine for work next week

Haven’t watched this but chucking it in here as a reminder to more than anything else


Did Grizzly Bear do one around Shields?

Yeah that sentence makes sense

I love this performance by Jeremy Enigk. It’s just amazing to see this guy who was just a kid when Diary came out and who hasn’t really been “relevant” to the popular consciousness for decades showing up to this performance old and sagely like some hermit, his eyes closed and words characteristically slurred as if he’s singing while in a trance or speaking in tongues.


Never heard of this before. Will have to check some of these out.

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Bloody love Kevin Morby so so MUCH!


Wow! This is something quite special

Not familiar with him at all. Exactly the sort of thing what I was hoping for from this thread

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