Radiohead at Glastonbury



Radiohead are probably playing Glastonbury.

1997 > 2003 > 2017


I Want None Of This
Radio head
Kevin Is In Jail
Climbing Up The Walls
I Might Be Wrong
Live Au Forum

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and they had a song called Pyramid Song, not the John Peel Song


I like Radiohead.





Wait @saps is @xylo with hair?


I suppose you could say they’re “Radioheadlining” hahahahaha


I keep forgetting that you’ve got some of your powers back now! :smiley:



so near, so star wars


Basically no sex but I still have to deal with whining kids :wink:


would be good if it was an elaborate hoax

or turned out to be another logo. deadmaus man or promo for a film.


Present Tents
True Mud Waits


Phew, was beginning to think they were out of ideas for a minute there.


Would be funny if they do headline but don’t play any music. They put a cross section of a full size house on stage and it’s just Thom sitting there reading a book and drinking tea. Gets up, does a Lotus Flower dance into the kitchen and starts making a big hearty broth from scratch.


Dollars and Tents
Camper Police
Fest Arp


i can’t believe they played the Pyramid stage in 2003 and didnt play Pyramid Song


Shame they’re so boring live