Re-watching films and television (re-reading books, too, I suppose)

Do you do this? How often? What film/TV series/books have you re-watched/read the most? How many times?

It’s not really for me, Clive. Too much new #content and not enough hours in the day. Hardly ever intentionally go back to re-watch a film. Might watch something I’ve seen if it crops up while I’m browsing through the channels. Can’t think I’ve ever gone back to watch a TV series. Maybe a couple of comedy things. Re-watching The Prisoner is on the to watch list but there’s a million things on Netflix that’ll probably come ahead of it. Not sure I’ve ever re-read a novel.

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey and The Day Today are probably the only things I’ve watched more than twice.

Should probably punt my entire DVD collection, really. There’s always the chance I’ll go back for a listen to an album. DVDs, though? Very unlikely.

Not often any more as a co-habitee but used to rewatch TV shows and films I love regularly. Don’t think I’ve ever re-read a book I’ve enjoyed though.

FIlms: occasionally. If something’s part of a trilogy or whatever, maybe the previous one before watching the latest.

Telly: never, unless feeling ill and then I’ll binge watch Six Feet Under.

Think the only book I’ve ever re-read is Camus’ The Outsider cos it’s my favourite innit. Helps that it’s 120 odd pages too.

Do this all the time.


I do this

The trilogy thing makes sense.

Can’t get my head around re-watching whole series’, though.

Great book. Worth a re-read for sure.

of course I do.

“I really enjoyed watching that… lets never do that again!”


With watching films and TV, quite regularly happens. I find a lot of comfort in things that I’m familiar with and love, especially things that stand up to repeated scrutiny.

With books, it’s less likely to happen. There are a small handful I’d read again and an even smaller handful that I do actually read more than once.

It’s probably the book I’ve bought most too cos I give it away to anyone who hasn’t read it.

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Films: Yes
TV:Sometimes/certain things

Seen the wire 4 times through, at least that but Not in order for golden era simpsons

imagine having only seen a classic film once.
what about Christmas films… or Halloween films… :confused:

edit: so you’ve only ever seen your favourite film once… :confused:

Don’t really do this with other things, but I’ve seen The Wire a lot.

I don’t actively set out to avoid re-watching stuff, but there’s just so much other stuff to explore - stuff by the director, with one of the actors in, within the same genre…

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Films, of course though not loads.

Don’t understand how people have time to re-watch TV series though, someone I follow on Twitter just finished a re-watch of The God Wife, which took me over a year to get through! I’m always more keen to watch more of the stuff that haven’t had the chance to get a look in.

rewatch a lot of compulsive TV, particularly when with friends. Stuff like Curb Your Enthusiasm and Nathan for You I can rewatch a lot.

Films I re-watch with enough time passed. I’ve seen some of my favourite films 10+ times.

Very rarely re-read books.

Sometimes, certain films I rewatch because there’s so much ground covered it’s tricky to take in the first time, I used to watch old scrubs episodes all the time because it’s basically comfort television for me.

Rarely reread books in their entirety but I’ll sometimes flick through a chapter or two to recap something.

I think I re-read and re-watch a fairly standard amount. I’m always baffled when people talk about watching a film more than once in a week or month or whatever; if I do re-watch or re-read, I tend to make sure I do so a fair while after I last did.

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