Recommend 1-3 acts you have discovered from these forums

With our new support us campaign, thought it might be nice to share acts you’ve discovered recently or over the years.

Also a good excuse to share music recommendations.

I picked up on this from the ambient thread recently and can’t get enough of it

Going waaaaaay back, I first discovered and ending up signing Bat for Lashes for her debut single after reading someone enthusing about her on here, so thanks for that. Also discovered Twigs before she was FKA twigs through one of the tips threads, and ended up giving ‘ache’ a play when I was a guest on 6 Music - think it was her first ever radio play!

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Too many to mention.

Desperate Journalist and Fightmilk come to mind. Huge fan of both bands.


Luke Leighfield

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True. I’ve changed the subject line to make it more focussed.

My answer still stands

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Lost count but, definitely the last one that I can definitely pinpoint to here was Self Esteem.

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Not trying to piggy back this thread.

But the AOTM thread I do always gives me new artists to listen to. My usual go to genre is indie rock and so always get a few new artists to check out when people are voting.


Got into Deafheaven through a post on these boards, also have never heard Adibisi Shank mentioned outside of here so wouldn’t have come across them otherwise

Yeah, discovered loads of stuff through those threads (thanks @bms1 )!


Too many individual artists to remember over the last 16 or so years but I do know that this site was heavily instrumental in my appreciation of the heavier side of things.

Two reviews particularly stick in my memory as getting me to check out the albums in question. Raz’s 10/10 review of Opeth’s Ghost Reveries and Mike Diver’s 10/10 review of Isis’s Panopticon and they both drove me to check out, and fall for, both bands.

I also vividly remembering someone comment that Wolves in the Throne Room were like a cross between post rock and extreme metal and that lead me to get into atmospheric black metal in a major way!

Honestly without this site my music taste (and knowledge) would be far far poorer!


There’ll have been loads I reckon I’ve discovered thanks to DiS, but I’ve spent much more time on here over lockdown and as a result have been introduced to lots more. I compile all the weekly new releases that get mentioned in here (plus from the Piccadilly Records mailout) into a playlist to shuffle every Friday, and have got a couple of things from that (Cassandra Jenkins I think is the most recent one). The Bandcamp Friday threads, Music League and the dreampop/shoegaze/emo ones have helped me discover stuff too. The three that have stood out for me are Nothing, Team Picture and Junk Drawer. All brilliant! I reckon I’ll probably get the Fightmilk album too - Overbite has been a huge earworm since hearing it on a music league playlist.


just re-read the thread title and realise you were after forum recommendations rather than the site, ah well :roll_eyes:

Wouldn’t have heard of Kvelertak without people wittering on about them.

kissinginkansas/bugduv/forzaborza/etc raved about Copy Haho once and I ended up loving them too.

There will be others.



There are absolutely loads. The weekly new releases threads are invaluable for discovering artists I might otherwise have missed. It’s so much more efficient as a way to find new stuff than waiting for the end of year lists or trawling through playlists.

To pick 3 off the top of my head that I’m confident I heard about here first…
Illuminati Hotties
Pom Poko

That’s pretty cool if it was


There’s about a zillion. Almost everything I listen to at this point. If it’s not through someone posting on here, then I’ll be excited to bring it here and share it, see if anyone else digs it. That adds to the enjoyment of music a lot for me. I’ve really liked that in the last couple of years there seems to have been more discussion of diverse genres, stuff from around the world, and from all different eras.

Anyway, the latest best thing is a tie between Genesis Owusu’s great album Smiling With No Teeth, which got its own thread, and this family-positivity banger from the hip-hop thread, which gets my neck hairs going every time

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A couple of recent ones I’ve loved from the Rolling techno/dance etc thread;


Lots over the years so I’ll stick to this year.

Martina Bertoni via the ambient thread. RIYL Hildur Gudnadottir or Anne Müller.

Cassandra Jenkins via the weekly new releases thread. Already mentioned above.

Leanne Betasamosake Simpson via the weekly new releases thread. Thanks to @paulo13 for this one. I think people who loved Cassandra Jenkins’ Hard Drive would like this.


Loraine James


Post Louis!

All the DiS State crew!