Ridiculous music bargains


I started this thread on the old forum, got some some good tips so let’s try again. It’s your chance to post some ridiculous music bargain were the monetary outlay is significantly less than the quality of music you receive. I’ll start with this from Norman:

2 discs, 49 tracks of the fantastic Hood for £3.25

And here’s an extra bonus tip:

If you like chocolate and music google play have £3 of credit when you buy 3 multi packs of Mars/Snickers and some other stuff. My local shop has a multi pack for £1, so I’m either getting free music or free chocolate. Either way it tastes and sounds good.


RTJ1-3, all for free



3 amazing OutKast albums for £9.99


New Public Enemy - Free download


7 wonderful Springsteen albums for not very much. Used to be 10.99, but seems to be a bit more now


i tried to get a rolling bandcamp bargains thread on the go a while ago but it never took off. anyway my main contribution to that was that the excellent second Sauna Youth is Name Your Price on there






Thanks! I have two Hood albums - with Outside Closer easily being one of my most favourite albums, which I often go back to listen to again. Have ordered this compilation now, ta!


Spotify - 9.99 for all the music I can listen to!


No worries, if you didn’t see it Norman also has the other comp they did for Misplaced Music for a relatively small amount of money:

It’s another 59 tracks, but too much Hood is never enough.


Riot season are having a flash sale:



Also on Mixtape Monkey website, as is Nostalgia/Ultra by Frank Ocean and various other hip-hop ‘tapes’.


Amazon currently have Kaputt on vinyl for £6