Ridiculous music bargains

Is the Banquet thing for older records then? I have historically ordered new albums from them and always had a pretty good experience (bar one).

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In my experience the website rarely matches the reality of their stock.
But they’ll happily take your money and keep it for a long time before they let you know this.


I know a lot of the older stuff on there says “This hasn’t been updated in over a year so there’s a chance we may no longer have it” but I’m guessing it must be happening outside of that as well?

I’ve only ordered from them once and it was a new release with no problems but haven’t ordered any older stock. They have the cheapest CD postage of any of the indies so I was thinking of using them a bit more for stuff I can’t find locally.

I used to use Norman for that but they’ve totally fucked their shipping prices since Covid started. I understood it at first but over a year on why are they still charging a fiver for everything even if it’s a CD?

Monorail charge £1.50 postage for one CD but they don’t have all their stock online AFAIK.

yeah i got the new Arab Strap from Monorail as it came with a free Flexidisc. 80p postage from Banquet though, can’t be beaten

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7 Falls CDs A and B sides, £32.51:

Or triple CD A sides £11.90:

In fact there’s a few cheapish Fall box sets, eg.

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Use code summersale21 for 25% off everything apart from pre-sales (valid until midnight on Friday)


This has just turned up.
Amazed that all three things I ordered arrived.

We need someone on the inside to knacker amazon’s algorithm regularly :grinning:

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4 for 2 ONE DAY ONLY!

Some good stuff - free postage

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Looking through this, I truly think I might have every record I’ve ever wanted by now. I’ve completed the thread.



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Norman have another sale


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They’ve got one copy of Midwife’s Like Author Like Daughter which I paid rather more for recently. Always the way.

They also have the latest Penelope Trappes but the vinyl pressing is terrible again (sort it out Houndstooth). So buy the cd or d/l rather than the LP.

I noticed that. Seemed a bit weird to reduce so quickly. Just over estimated demand I guess.

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WH Smiths £12 off a £50 spend code SUMMERTIME That’s the best % discount I’ve seen there.

Damn, WHSmith have really crept their prices up.

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Yes, definitely noticed this today too!

HMV have binned off the 2 for £30 deal too. There were some great finds in that.